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  1. Members Rides
    Doesn't it get annoying when everytime you post a pic of your car someone asks you what front lip/side skirt/rear lip you have? its so easy to simply go on the forum or even ebay to look up what lips are available for our cars... its not much but well I'm done with my 7thgen and thought id go...
  2. General Talk
    Hey guys, i know there was a thread about this awhile back but i cant seem to find it, i'm just wondering if the rsx sideskirts are the same length as ours w/o any modification. if someone could confirm this for me that'd be great, i'm thinking about the oem style ones OEM
  3. Members Rides
    just got them out of the paint shop yesterday, bought these from rhcp like 6 months ago but they arrived right after my car got out of the paint shop x.X sorry for the shitty driveway pic also had never seen them before(because ive never seen NHBP headlights) color matched headlights! Enjoy!
  4. General Talk
    Any idea if they fit?
  5. Members Rides
    hey guys, just had a few questions about some oem side skirts for our cars.. which do you guys think is the best looking veloz/reverb/rs (poll)? out of the 3, which hangs lower (im assuming the type b/reverb)? are the rs and veloz sides the same height (or does one hang lower)? thanks for the...
1-5 of 5 Results