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  1. Members Rides
    I'm going to get these sides for my 01 EM2. Now, I'm wanting to get some OEM Splash Guards also. The Honda Part sites say the front Guards don't work with Side spoilers, well I'm thinking they just mean like HFP Kit because it's OEM. Do you think it's possible to put some front Splash Guards on...
  2. Canada
    SOLD>>>>>>>>>> here guys i just bought these bad bads not even a week ago. i found another set in SSM so whoever needs a sick pair of OEM NHBP sides brand new comes with box and instructions for CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me know HELP A BROTHER OUT BEST OFFER GETS EM
  3. General Talk
    i'm filing my taxes tomorrow, so i'm going to order a lip kit and exhaust in a couple of weeks. i've decided on everything but the sides, either type-s or type-a. really the only thing keeping me from the type-s is the little end cap that looks kinda goofy, but i like how they go outward at the...
  4. Canada
    old ones now gone to VIC Bought these saturday n installed em what you thinks
  5. Members Rides
    does anyone have a pic of it that they can easily access? i tried going back to the pages of 01-03 civics but they just have too much talk and so little pix... couldnt find it. The one i wanted to see was the white 01-03 civic that was parked on a sidewalk with the 04-05 rear bumper w/ sides...
  6. General Talk
    where can i get them other than the abs site?
  7. General Talk
    does anyone kno if these are knockoff aero sides?
  8. General Talk
    for those of you who want RS sides. this is who i bought mine off of, there is 9 available. as of now.
  9. Members Rides
    anyone have RS sides on their car i want some side shot so i know how low they go. they are also known as TYPE A (dunno why A maybe cause they are the same as the Acura EL)
  10. Members Rides
    Hey can yall tell me where can i get the rs sideskirts, and do they fit 04 civic coupes.
  11. Members Rides
    can anyone identify these side skirts? pretty sure theyre rs style, but not 100% sure.. ..sorry for the bad quality pic. thanks.
1-12 of 13 Results