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  1. General Talk
    Alright so I want sides for my 05 coupe but like always, I find a huge variation of answers and I can't figure which ones are true. I know there's hfp sides, aero sides, and I just found about the 04-05 acura el 1.7 sides. which do you guys think looks best? If anyone has pictures of each or any...
  2. Exterior
    DIY EM2 OEM Side Skirt Paint and Install on 2dr (2001-2005) Painting: Wet-sand the skirts with 1000 grit wet-sand paper to remove the glossy finish and to rough up the surface a bit. Once the sanding is all done, rinse off the pieces and I used a bucket of water with a bit of dish...
  3. Members Rides
    Hey guys, I can't decide what to do, its a simple question tho. Should i put sidemarkers on my car, or would it be too much? Also i forgot to ask but if u could state what color you think would look better (amber or clear) that'd be awesome :tup: thanks! here's a pic of the car for reference:
  4. General Talk
    hi, just wanted to know I if get side skirts (type A), can I keep the mud guards too? or is it either side skirts or mud guards? the same question but with the rear lip. If I get a rear lip, can I keep the mud Guards? I currently have the mud guards but want to install RS front Lip plus Type...
  5. General Talk
    ok everyone got a question for everyone. about to get the car back and have a set of side markers that are going in and wanted to know what yall think should have them stay on with the parking lights and flash with the blinkers or should i have them only flash with the blinkers and not...
  6. Detailing
    Okay so I garage the car in the winter and I'm guessing the last time I took the car out I ran over something that caused splatters all over my passenger side (lower half). Anyway, I went to wash my car for the first time today and noticed something that looked like rust. I freaked out thinking...
  7. General Talk
    hey, i was wondering... does anyone know if the rsx side skirts fit the 01-05 civic?? any info would be appreciated thanks guys..
  8. Members Rides
    so i installed my side markers today. on saturday i did a photoshoot with Adam (RHCP) and he gave me his OEM clear EP3 side markers since he has amber cause he is mad jdm yo. anyway today i put them in. seriously some scary shit but its all in.
  9. Members Rides
    Finally got my aero sides on and detailed the car on saturday. Was a great day out, sunny and 75. Too bad it's cloudy and 35 today. lol
  10. General Talk
    Hey anybody know the difference between the two???
  11. Exterior
    So I got a hold of a set of JDM Folding Mirrors (Thanx RJ!) And would like to post a DIY thread on replacing/removing your side mirrors. This is for a 4 door ES just to let u guys know. For 2 doors u need more fabrication for the mirrors. Here Goes! Tools you need 1.) Replacement...
  12. Canada
    i jsut bought a set from this guy and they are brand new OEM in the box with everything you need to install and a guide on How to install. really good price and really good product! if your...
  13. Electrical
    So i bought some sidemarkers a long time ago off of ebay, the guy that is fixing my car is mounting them for me but can't hook them up cause they didn't come with a wiring harness just the housing, bulbs, and socket. I was just wondering if the Password JDM wiring harness would work with these...
  14. Electrical
    I'm looking at these on passwordjdm, they specify the cars they work on, it includes em2's and so forth, but i drive an es1, lots of stuff is the same, and side markers i don't think are highly specific, but here's a link...
  15. Members Rides
    hey guys i just traded my 03 ssm ex coupe for an 09 si sedan =D
  16. General Talk
    Anyone else check out the Aero Side Skirts for $255 on tempting since they come painted and came up a little less than 300 shipped or type-s hmmm...
  17. Members Rides
    So JDM!!!:domo: tell me what you guys think..
  18. General Talk
    hi can anyone confirm that the side airbag harness from our cars will fit the rsx and ep3 seats with srs side airbags?
  19. General Talk
    I found aero side skirts on CL this morning but the guy told me they have no hardware.... Does anyone have these n know what i need n if i can do it my self thanks in advance....
  20. General Talk
    well i was thinking about getting some ebay Type A side skirts, anyone one have them? can ou keep mud guards on and have the side skirts on...
1-20 of 51 Results