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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    So below is a post I made in another thread, and then I realized I sohuld really have it here. Any help would be awesome. BTW, I can do the color crayon/scribble editing so I don't really need those, but hey do make me laugh when I see them so if ur board. LOL I'll send you a new side view...
  2. Mid Atlantic
    I'm look for a good place to have body work done in Philadelphia. They gotta be able to paint too. Anyone know any spots?
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    I know its kinda old news now but i was bored so i figured i would post some pics of my car while it was in the shop, and some pics. of the old motor now that i have it torn apart. Ill post more when i take them! The ole rod knocking motor! Ive pulled the oil pan off, the crank and...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
  5. Off Topic Lounge
  6. General Talk
    ok guys i got the car in the shop getting its situation resolved "hopefully" . i might not be able to get you guys a dyno video because of work, so ill keep you guys updated.
  7. General Talk
    anyone know a shop where you can send your parts to be wrapped in carbon fiber ? my friend was telling me that theres a place that does it.
  8. Swap and Forced Induction
    Well it arrived here at the shop yesterday. Motor is in great shape and will soon be stripped down and machined for sleeves. All of the work will be down by us at BnT performance and Dezod Motorsports.
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    Hello, I usually visit a few other 7th gen boards, but I've never really spent much time here. I've been planning a k-swap for a while now, and I'm looking for a shop with a good reputation. [ In reasonable driving distance from Southern Indiana ] This would be so much more conveinent if i had...
1-9 of 9 Results