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  1. General Talk
    Im curious if anyone reading this has experienced the ride quality of their em2 with lowering springs on stock oem shocs and struts. I've been a bit edgy as to what to do, lower mine or not. thanks!
  2. Suspension
    Hey yall, I'm need to drop my car baadly, but I have a 05 Sedan and they all sags like shit from the back on a springs setup. EM2s can handle it very well. So came across someone locally selling the whole package deal of new DropZone Racing Struts, Shocks, & Springs for a very cheap price...
  3. Suspension
    Like the title says...I was wondering if there is some way to fit? I for some reason have the worst luck of getting the wrong products shipped to me, I just got some tokico blues and they are for 01-02. I know that the 01-02 is a 14mm crash bolt and the 03-05 is a 16mm crash but I was...
  4. Suspension
    all right. ive been looking around to buy some tokico blues but theres only one problem. when i go around searching for them i get some advertised as shocks/struts, others as just shocks, and others as just struts. what the true difference:dunno: and which would be best for our cars
  5. Mechanical Problems
    okay here is my second problem in not too long but i think i know what this is. So i have gc sleeves and my stock shocks have been fine, but i knew they would blow in time. So now when i turn at low sppeds when i can here is it is a bunch of cracking and stuff. Front shocks? Thanks for any...
  6. Suspension
    i just brought kyb gr2 struts with tusudo springs how difficult is it to install them. any tips and tricks would help thanks...
  7. Suspension
    does anyone know if your able to get a decent drop with skunk2 sleeves? If so what type of dampers should go with it?
  8. Suspension
    Does anyone know which shock is good for daily driving? I had some d-specs then sold them because they were for the si and they made a horrible sound everytime I turned all the way to the left or right. The si's a little longer and doesn't connect with the rear too well and the front was also...
  9. Suspension
    Does any one know if these will work with my Skunk2 sleeves with more than a 2 inch drop?
  10. Suspension
    Anyone here have aftermarket springs with at least a 1.5 inch drop on stock shocks. Just wondering how it rides.
  11. Site News & Feedback
    :bowrofl:I've been running around and getting dizzy trying to find the best place to get a set of OEM shocks for my civic '03,I am new in this kinda thing,somebody is trying to convince me i needed high end stuff for my car.I am just starting,don't know shit yet,anybody,anyplace guys?thanks!:shrug:
  12. Suspension
    Guys I just recieved my shocks today. but one of them says GR2 replacement and the other says Excel G? are these different shock/struts? and should I put them anyways? also should i also change the strut mount or could i keep the stock one.
  13. Exterior
    ***THIS WAS DONE ON A COUPE!!! IT IS MOST LIKELY DIFFERENT ON A SEDAN*** Introduction: Well, i tryed to take alot of pictures... but as you can see i didn't. It's really hard to take pictures of each process when you're doing this by yourself. So if any of you do this Modification and you...
  14. Suspension
    Hey guys, i am new to this suspension stuff..but so far what i have read in this forum got me lil knowledged. I want to lower my car and i was thinkin bout goin with Neuspeed Sport springs with Tokico blues, What do u guys think, i want something that lasts long and is reliable and i need...
  15. Suspension
    Rules: 1. Post Pictures of your car 2. Mention what your Suspension Set up is 3. Mention your Tire Size 4. No more then 3 Pictures * And another thing... This thread is for reference, so if your going to HOST a pic please keep the picture "Hosted" or whatever you want to call it, there's...
  16. Suspension
    I am thinking my back shocks are blown. When I go over a bump i hear the back make a poping noise. Is there anyway to tell if the shocks are blown? Thanks
  17. Suspension
    mine I think are blown cuz of my almost 2" drop. so Ive been looking around for some & found these... KYB GR-2 ------------109.00 (each) Koni Sport -----------167.00 (each) KYB AGX -------------149.00 (each) are they good for my drop? I have a 1.8 drop all around on kazera streetsport...
1-17 of 19 Results