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  1. Suspension
    im trying to install my rear tockico blues and when i took the stock apart i noticed the bump stop what about that yellow piece and the little black piece after it. the bump stop doesnt come off. any help would be great! ;)
  2. Suspension
    Anyone have the tokico shock and spring combo on a sedan with 18's? if so let me know. Tried searching around but no luck. If you have them please post pics and feedback thanks.
  3. Suspension
    i broke one of the screws for piece number 11. anyone want to suggest how to fix this issue?
  4. Suspension
    are shocks supposed to make noise when you go over a speed bump slowly? Tein says they do. I recently got mine over hauled because the seals were broken but i still hear noise, but only over speed bumps though
  5. Suspension
    Recently purchased and installed Eibach Pro-Street-S Coilovers/Shocks. After everything is nut and bolted, i dropped the car of the stands and head down my driveway... Thud. Pull over, pop trunk. Top "Hats" are blow off, only thing keeping my car from full scrape is the springs.. shock stems...
  6. Suspension
    OK I tried to replace my shocks and springs this weekend, got the front done fine (Mad Props to my buddy Geo). But come time to do the rear's I could not get the 17 mm bottom bolt off for the life of me. I couldn't even get tha bish to turn its so seized.:eusa_boohoo: (I think this is the...
  7. Suspension ok, so im replacing my suspension, and i bought me a set of these bearings...but i have a problem, they dont fit where the stock bearings do...the diameter of the bearing isnt like the stock ones. they are smaller in roundness. any help...
  8. Suspension
    i just recently noticed that my rear driver's side end is like almost an inch lower than the other side.i have stock suspension. is this bcuz of my shocks or wat?
  9. Members Rides
    Ok well like i said in the suspension thread, i started putting in the tokicos that came in yesterday. Had a couple snags, but we finished before going to bed. Here are a couple of pics jdm dawg. Im the one in the front, and my friend Dakota is the one in the back. My Honda enthusiast...
  10. Suspension
    I read the DIY on the koni shock install and I was wondering do u have to do that amount of work for every aftermarket shock? I didnt realize the steering mount thing was on the side of the original shock.
  11. Suspension
    01-02 have 50mm struts and 14mm crash bolts 03-05 have 55mm struts and 16mm crash bolts 02-05 EP3's have 16mm struts, the rears will fit all year 7thgens but the fronts will only fit 03-05. If your looking at springs for an ep3 dont get them because they are heavier and will cause the car to...
1-11 of 11 Results