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  1. Detailing
    Okay so I garage the car in the winter and I'm guessing the last time I took the car out I ran over something that caused splatters all over my passenger side (lower half). Anyway, I went to wash my car for the first time today and noticed something that looked like rust. I freaked out thinking...
  2. Off Topic Lounge :rofl: Whatever makes you feel good about your shitty life, RJ.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Found this on, i like it a lot. his name is ronald jenkees, he seems kinda nerdy lol, but his beats are great. crisp, bass, sound awesome. :tup: click through some others if you like it, i might visit his site and see if he sends out...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Djrabbi (Ravi) or civicprankin21 (RJ) RJ being a e-thug and talking shit....this will show how much of a dumbass he is....
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    I hit my girlfriend today.. wow I feel like such shit. I guess im gonna get picked up by the cops tomorrow, so I figured I would tell you all what happend. We were having an argument and she went too far. She made a comment along the lines of "your loser father couldn't keep a relationship...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TRANSLATE THIS FOR ME: -7thgenhonda Administration This is i swear on i dont know what i visit site. I just cant resist to comment on your comments. I can deal with assholes on net im a 5 year member and now blogger soon to be hired by/for I was hoping my...
  7. Videos & Other Media
    guys.. this video lifted me off my fucking seat you have to watch the whole thing..
  8. Off Topic Lounge
  9. General Talk
    Ok so at around 1am this morning I was racing my homeboy in his FG2 and we had open freeway (5 lane freeway) no cars at all, we decided to top our shit out. so we are going through 3rd 4th 5th and his governor kicks on in 5th and didnt even top out 5th and i keep going past him and i hit 140 at...
  10. General Talk
    Ok, as some of you already know, im new to the forums and my car is stock. I want to do many things to it. Intake, header, exhaust. Lower it. Rims, and bumper lips, skirts... Hids. Small things here and there. Shifter, swaybars, etc etc. Pretty much what all you guys are doing/have done. But I...
  11. Videos & Other Media
  12. General Talk
    WHY? i say why??!!! ok here it goes: Sedan: ES1 = dx and lx right? ES2 = ex right? Coupe: EM2 = ex, dx and lx right? Why isn't the ex coupe called something else like em3??? This makes no sense!! Sorry
  13. General Talk
    09 Acura RL........ that thing is fukking shitastic... BUT, i do think darker colors make it look better.
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Good shit... I got a new tattoo tonight, it's sweet. I'll post pics tonight when I get home. Bad shit... Me and my girlfriend broke up last night, I'm pretty bummed :'(...we were together for about a year and a half, shit just wasn't really workin...I know ur probably thinkin "yeah yeah...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    check this guy out that is a massive transformation (no pun intended lol)
  16. Members Rides
    will be slammed in about 2 weeks...w00t
1-16 of 18 Results