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  1. Basic Performance
    There's a shift knob I'm interested in getting but it only works on vehicles with shift lever diameters of 10-14mm Just wanna make sure that our cars fall in that range.
  2. Basic Performance
    i just finished puting in the revo ss and i swear the height and throw of it feels exactly as the one i took off the car. either i already had a revo in it (understandable i did buy the car 2nd hand off a dealership) or the guy i bought the revo from sold me a stock shifter. . . Anything...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    So, yesterday I was driving home and I hear a weird noise coming from newly installed Revo Short Shifter, it felt like something wasw about to come off nd sure enough something came loose as i pulled into my neighborhood.... i pull of my center console and the allen key just popped off the...
  4. Basic Performance
    I ordered this part a few months back off of ebay. I paid something like 20 bucks for it and i was pretty skeptical if it was gonna work because it was cheaply wrapped and didnt look like much to it, well i just installed it yesterday and i was proven wrong. It took about 30 min to install and...
  5. Basic Performance
    im planning to buy a short shifter for my civic, its a turbo'd at 9 psi 200 going to throw the shifter in when i build it up for 300 or so whp...i tried searching but didnt find anything, which shifter is better, the revo technica or b&M? in general is this reliable? i mean the engaging...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys. I got a 01 LX coupe 5spd so when i go to shift it gets caught 1st to 2nd 2nd to 3rd 3rd to 4th 4th to 5th you shift as you would but gets stuck by neutral position, you have to kinda shift form 1 to N to 2 otherwise it feels like it gets stuck on rubber piece or something. in every...
  7. Basic Performance
    Well I took my center console off as I'm getting ready to wire up my lights. I see all the shifter mechanisms right there. Is a short throw setup worthwhile on these Civics? Is it easy to swap? Expensive? Found this through the grapvine on google...
  8. General Talk
    Has anyone done their shifter bushings and cable bushings and really felt the difference? Lets here what you think, is it worth it?
  9. General Talk
    how many bushings do i need? i just got these two in the mail today, do i need 4 or just two ????? the shifter is a revo ss
  10. Basic Performance
    ive been looking at short shifter's for a while, any idea's on what one i should get 03 civic lx thanks
  11. General Talk
    Hey, just wanted to post a review about the shifter adapter from Strut King. I originally wanted to buy the Revo short shifter but figured I would try out the Strut King adapter first and see if I liked it. Upon receiving the package in the mail, I was surprised by how well packaged it was and...
  12. Engine & Transmission
    This is actually a pretty simple install once you see it done once. It will take you about 45 min from start to finish to get it all put together and put back on the car. *then the amount of time you spend to set the hight and throw is up to you* The only tools you need, are the ones that came...
  13. General Talk
    ive heard from ppl that having a short shifter kit(full plastic component and shift rod) is bad for ur tranny or something is this true?? i have a OBX s2000 style short shifter kit
  14. General Talk
    I was wondering if I purchase a short shifter adapter kit for my 04 EX, can I use a Skunk 2 short shifter made for a 96-00 civic?? My brother has is laying around...
1-14 of 28 Results