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  1. General Talk
    so i'm kind of an exhaust idiot since i've never had aftermarket exhaust on any car. i've watched a bunch of youtube videos and soundclips and i think i like the ws2 te best, but it only comes in cat-back in an ex trim. all i can get is the universal. so here's what i'm thinkin, let me know what...
  2. Basic Performance
    I was looking into getting the greddy sp2, I've seen alot of sites have the sp2 for 01-05 dx 2dr cheaper than the 01-05 lx 2dr. Is there any difference in the exhaust set-up or are they the same?
  3. Electrical
    For a while now I have wanted to be able to listen to my iPod in my car without having to buy a new head unit - the stocker is good enough for me. Anyway, after a little searching and reading some reviews, I decided to go with the HON98-AUX adapter that plugs into the cd changer port on the back...
  4. Basic Performance
    I'm sorry if there is another thread asking this question but I didn't see it....Maybe I didn't look hard enough but here it is. I was wonder what a good size exhaust would be good to use in conjuction with a DC sport header and Skunk2 MegaPower muffler....I'm thinking about going 2 1/4 for...
  5. Basic Performance
    Sup fools, I making a list of parts I'm going to need to make this happen. I own an LX and i'm going to do a EX swap with 2.25" piping back. I already have the header and the muffler. I want to have all the parts necessary so when I show up to a muffler shop I can say put this on there...
  6. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Looking at new tires for my 16X7 rims, 42mm offset. my old tire size was 205/50/16... so looking for something a bit wider.... at first my choice was 215/50/16....I got some idea of how it will look but then found that there was 225/50/ I wonder how that would look on the 7th gen...
  7. Site News & Feedback
    How does everyone feel about the new site setup, i personally am not a fan of it at all, the pictures are getting annoying and i really dont care for them, i would persoanally like it to go back to what it was beforehand, how does everyone else feel
  8. General Talk
    saw this on the IS forums i use to be on. His post have a lot of info on using what ballast and wattage and what not plus its just ridic!
  9. Basic Performance
    Hey, I bought this used muffler from a friend and I also got this EX header lined up too. Thing is its for an EX. I have an LX. I know you have to reroute the sensor wires... I would also need an EX header right? or should I go for a Highflow cat? Has anyone done this conversion before? And...
  10. Members Rides
    My audio is all done :tup: Alpine 9883 HU Alpine MRP-F450 4ch amp Infinity 611a monoblock amp 2 Alpine Type-R 10" 1 Pioneer 10" Polk Momo components
  11. Members Rides
    ok guys and girls, i have not been on here much but i guess i just have to show off a few things first off i have changed a few thing with the civic. first thing is that i got some new rims to fit over my brakes in the front and here they are these wheels are 13 x 8 and they weight comes in at...
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    The OG SF setup before boosting d17's was cool... Yes, that big box to the right is an intercooler. It was a pretty sweet little setup. It actually used water cooling around the core. I had a nifty water tank that held like 1.5 gallons of water and a channel neck that came up behind the...
  13. Electrical
    Well as the title says, I drive a 2004 LX Sedan, 5 speed. I have been pretty content with the stock radio and am happy with how it sounds except the low bass seems to be lacking, and the speakers seem to perform well but the head unit doesn't seem to put out quite the oomph it should because I...
  14. Members Rides
    sup guys , show me ur guy's brake and rim setup? lets see whos got them big rotors.
  15. Suspension
    ok i decided im just gonna go with a full coilover set-up. i figured im going to have my em2 for a long long time and it is my "daily" so why not spend alot of it on suspension...well thats what i think:/ the thing is im not sure which one to get. being honest which full coilovers rides good? i...
  16. Swap and Forced Induction
    Are low compression pistons better for FI than high compression?.. im not entirely a noob im just saying it doesnt make sense why they would make low compression pistons for FI 8:8:1--------->12:5:1 low comp. High comp.
  17. General Talk
  18. Swap and Forced Induction
    Im looking at possibly doing a full build and a turbo on my D-series. I have the D17a2 in my 01 EX. What should i use for the build? and could anyone give me a ballpark estimate at how much this should cost. *The reason why im doing this is because i dont have the 6k+ do to the k20 swap. That...
1-18 of 24 Results