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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    ok so i decided it was time to finally get my rims.. but i need a little help from you guys. i need some good sites to buy them from. Anything will do. Also some suggestions are welcome on what type of rims would look good for my car. i got my eyes on some gold tenzo passion-5 well thanks in...
  2. Suspension
    so once the weather gets warmer im putting on my GCs, they are ment for OEM struts i have blues, was told they were work since they are just OEM replacements, anyway, if you can provide pics of your car on GCs fully lowered in the front with and without cut perches i would really apreciate it...
  3. Basic Performance
    Okay. I know there is a difference and all, but I want to see the actual piping of each part in the set up of both LX and EX. I want to get the Megan Test Pipe, but don't know if it fits LX.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    lol i'm sure you have already heard this, but i'm sure there are people that haven't. This was on the set of Terminator 4
  5. Suspension RSX Skunk2 full coils for $250 shipped! should come with tie rod ends, but can be bought for like 30 bucks each from me :laugh2:. cant beat the price!
  6. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    well i know some of you autocross and im not sure what you guys run on but this past season i was on falken azenis rt-615. and i loved them but im wanting something more. so what do you guys have what have you had experience with? i was looking at a set of kumho victoracers but im still not...
  7. Electrical
    I went ahead and tried to install my new set of HIDs last night and I'm still not getting any light on the passenger side. So I did some troubleshooting. First I checked the fuse box to see if that fuse had blown. Its good. Then I remembered my fogs will not work if a headlight fuse is blown so...
  8. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    anyone one running a 42 off set?
  9. Members Rides
    18x8 from rx8 w/ tires......reel cheap. yay or nay?
  10. Members Rides
    First of all here are my dyno numbers....vids n pics will be up later of it.This was all done on a conservative tune and on 91 PUMP GAS!!!!!!!!22 LBS of boost!!! Here is a Uncorrected sheet - and for all you colorado/utah or whateevr boys here is a SAE even tho i dont need it cuz im from...
  11. Suspension
    I can not decided on a good set up that is not coilovers i looked but found nothing. need feedback. I am thinking of the tockio blues and ebaich sportline with 17inch rims. What does everyone think on that?
  12. Suspension
    hey wassup guyz, im looking to do my first mod on suspension, im thinking about getting the skunk 2 coilovers, skunk 2 front camber kit, and maybe just stock shocks for now. anyone know where i can find these for cheap?
  13. Engine & Transmission
    POST ONLY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SET UP! DO NOT POST USELESS COMMENTS LIKE THAT HOT! THEY WILL BE DELETED! If i had a picture of a D17 Manifold i could show you were this needs to go. However i don't have a D17 any more so i cant take pics and show you. closest have right now is: and i believe...
  14. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    These pads are unbelievable! I just tap the brakes now and it slows me down dramatically! Definetly worth the $50 or so that I paid.
  15. Suspension
    what kind of suspension set up do you have on your EM2? I have had the eibach sportline springs for little over 3 years now and would like to go lower with some new shocks and springs or should i just buy a coilover system? any suggestions will be appreciated...
1-15 of 18 Results