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  1. General Talk
    2001 Honda Civic Ex MT Title:Clean The car originally came with 65k on it. After a 2nd gear syncro failure and a spun bearing I have a new motor with only 28k on it and currently pending on a transmission.(If anyone has a tranny lemme know). The list of mods are listed below. Progress spring...
  2. South
    Anyone in Oklahoma. They are Sportlines, new sellin for $215. Drop is 1.5! 1/21/09 is the last day, hurry yup!
  3. General Talk
    hey guys im selling my 03 Civic Ex Coupe it has 144k on it now its automatic i had sum mods done to it but i took them all off so its all stock what kind of price should i ask for it help me out theres a few little dents on the hood and thats about it ill show some pics of the car let me kno...
  4. Mid West
    no pics at the time but here are a list of few things I'm selling Evotion lowering springs - 1.5 drop (60 bucks obo) Progress lowering springs - 1.75 [paint comming off] (50 bucks obo) Stock springs (50 bucks obo) Stock 04-05 grille [no "H" emblem] (20 bucks obo) Radio Bezel [it was painted...
  5. General Talk
    okay so.. I guess its not technically "soon" about a year or two. BUT this is what Im aiming for next, what do you guys think? 6th gen celica
  6. General Talk
    hey guys, as some of you may have seen, I'm trying desperately to sell my OEM wheels on my 05 Honda Civic. I've tried on this forum and another, but to no avail for buyers. I am thinking of putting it up on ebay. my question is, how much should i set the reserve for em, and if i did buy it...
  7. General Talk
    does anyone know how selling a financed vehicle works? if you want to sell your vehicle on autotrader,craigslist,w/e and you still owe your finance company money (wells fargo auto finance) how do you go about getting the buyer the title to the vehicle and or giving him/her the peace of mind to...
  8. General Talk
    Yeah you heard me Selling my supercharger. I havent decided if i want to or not. And picking up something that will give me results more like this: Rotrex SC.... lol... what yall think? good idea bad idea?
  9. Basic Performance
    strapped for cash and have a stock exhaust system. well sell your cat. i wouldnt mind to get an extra $161 [thats how much the cats in the em2 is worth] in my pocket . but to fix the hole u get a test pipe can anyone point me to the sound of a test pipe on stock exhaust on our cars.
  10. Members Rides
    A guy around town is selling the civic 99-00 type r lip for $60 bucks, what do you think it looks better? Stock bumper or Stock Bumper with lip?
1-10 of 12 Results