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  1. South
    this topic is for those of you in the florida area that want to sell items or are looking for something. just post up what youve got forsale or what your looking for...
  2. Site FAQ & Guides
    In the middle of the forum is a section called DIY (Do it Yourself) This is specifically made for members who have completed modifications to their cars and made step by step instructions on how to do it. It is not meant for posting questions, looking for suggestions or asking opinions. If you...
  3. Basic Performance
    I've noticed that many 7thgeners have the HKS exhaust.I have a DC Sports full exhaust system. If I buy an HKS exhaust(rear section) would I be able to just take out the DC rear section and put in the HKS one?
  4. News and Announcements
    A new DIY section has been added. It will be easier for everyone to add DIY's now and is integrated w/ the forum. I tried making sure to properly add all the old DIYs and I believe I did but if you wrote one and see something wrong or I did not give proper credit please pm me. TO SUBMIT A DIY...
  5. Site News & Feedback
    Well with all the hoopla that happened yesterday, I figured I'd like to address somethings. Ideas for Featured Ride Section. - Should only meet held 4 times a years (quarterly) Every other month at the most (maybe when the site gets bigger) - Contestants should be certain requirements ...
  6. West
    lets see how many we get in here that way i know some local people.. cause im lookin for upgrades and i dont wanna pay alot of shipping it was a lets see whos in cali but its a for sale sec. now so away you sale or want
  7. Site News & Feedback
    theres suspension and and f/i section but what about basic performance? also Im guessing wheels fall under suspension?
  8. Site News & Feedback
    wheres the marketplace ?
1-8 of 11 Results