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  1. Mid West
    I am trying to sell these seats locally. Going totally different so 350.00 takes the seats. Will post pictures later. PM me if interested
  2. General Talk
    so i just installed the rsx cloth seats (02/04 model), but these do not have the armrest, which my em2 had.. i highly miss that. solutions? - i still have my em2 seats.. can I remove the armrest from that and install on my rsx seats? - can I get this for cheap somewhere?
  3. General Talk
    My back is getting killed on my em2 seats. Daily driver and end up spending alot of time driving. Considering getting a set of front seats, either ep3 or rsx. Which one is better, considering price range in mind. I was looking at ep3 earlier and saw some reviews, where people mentioned that...
  4. Interior
    Alright so this is a simple DIY for putting in some front RSX Type-S leathers in your EM2. It's pretty straight forward, take seats out, put new seats in, right? Right. Just few other steps in there. Tools you'll need for this project: 14mm Socket Extension Rachet Drill And one of these...
  5. General Talk
    I am looking at getting some racing seats for my em2 and a corsport rear bar for a 5 point harness. how much work is it to make the stock em2 seat sliders fit? also should I go with a reclining seat or a fiberglass fixed position seat?
  6. South
    I was talking to some guy on ClubRSX about buying his RSX seats. Thing is i didn't know they were beige. The guy only wants 175 for them for fronts which i think is a steal. They come with Side airbags also Here are some pics...
  7. Detailing
    so my interior is long over due for some serious detailing. i have just ignored it over the winter but now since its starting to get nice out i want to clean the hell out of it. my question what do you guys do to clean your ep3 seats? i know normal upholstery(sp?) cleaners arnt going to work...
  8. General Talk
    so djrabbi, ben, and i have been discussing a little about s2000 seats in an em2. well ben seems to think as well as i, that all that would really be needed is some welding and some fabrication to make them work. just wanted to see what everyones thoughts are on this, have you heard of this...
  9. General Talk
    anyone know if these will fit in our cars or how much modding it will need?
  10. General Talk
    anyone know if 08 rear si seats will fit in our cars?
  11. General Talk
    hi can anyone confirm that the side airbag harness from our cars will fit the rsx and ep3 seats with srs side airbags?
  12. General Talk
    Hey Guys, Any of you guys have Front RSX Seats with OEM rear cloth seats?!!? I really wanna do whole set but rear RSX are PITA! Pics would be nice!
  13. Mechanical Problems
    So i been to 3 junk yards looking for stock seats with out the seats rocking.... and 9 mashed up civics later and still no NON-Rocking seats.... Why do my seats feel like i been making babbies in them for the last 3 years... i usually stick to the passenger seat for that..:eek5: anyone else...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    So a lot of you know I am in India. and I found this guy who supplies to Honda, Toyota, all other car companies for leather seats...I can get em done here for cheap so thinking if UK ones are same because he has measurements for UK no US. Thinking if getting black with silver sitching........I...
  15. Members Rides
    Picked up some blacked out headlight from Civicdriver03. Heres a pic of them on the car. Also picked up some knockoff recaros. Couldn't pass them up. 150 bucks and they were only a month old. Let me know wat u guys think.
  16. General Talk
    got these TENZO R DTM seats today off some guy on craiglist. for $200 with brackets!!! what harness should i get? (the top pic with that thing on the second seat is just dead grass) thanks
  17. General Talk
    Will the sparco brackets bolt directly to the recaro seats? Thanks.
  18. Members Rides
    ok, small update, installed new ITR steering wheel. and for those that dont know, the itr comes without cruise control..:shrug: anyway, took about an hour and a half, some fabbing(no pics sorry) and some cutting, and i finally got cruise to work, and all plugged in ready to go!!! anyway, let me...
  19. Interior
    I had the unique opportunity to retrofit something that I have yet to see on any EM2 to date....REAR EP3 seats. The process is pretty similar to doing RSX rears but is a little more difficult and definitely more time consuming. Estimated Time for Completion: 4-7 hours Difficulty: 7 (10 being...
1-19 of 46 Results