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  1. Interior/Carpet/Upholstery
    Okay I've been doing a lot of research and I've been going in loops for ages. Anyways, I need your guys opinion. I am 6'5" and between my sunroof and oem seats, I keep hitting the ceiling. Its so damn annoying! My brother has an EP3 and I love his seats so naturally I thought, RSX seats! No such...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    got story here: [/CENTER]
  3. General Talk
    I hope this isnt the wrong place to put but does anybody know if the 08 civic Si seats can fit in a 01 4 door?Will it be a HUGE pain in the ass in other word's? Thanx...
  4. General Talk
    can someone shed some light on seat harnesses, 4 pt, 5pt, 6pt?? What are the advantages/disadvantages, whats most comfortable for normal daily driving?? thanks
  5. Suspension
    anyone have an idea as to how to un-sieze spring seats on a set of coilovers. for those of you that don't know i mean the perch the spring sits on that you turn either way to raise or lower the car.
  6. General Talk
    So, my seat rocks back and forth and it's gotten worst lately. Whenever I turn it makes a popping sound. Anyone know what might wrong with it?:dunno:
  7. General Talk
    who makes direct bolt-in seat rails for our cars? im probably gonna use dc2 recaro's (driver only) and later on i will pick up a set of dc5 recaro's.
  8. Detailing
    hey guys so i was preparing my car for wekfest and i used some interior cleaner on my momo seats and everywhere i sprayed it left a big!!! anyone know how to get this out? Wekfest is sunday!!!!!!!!! thanks everyone:tup: bewarre of oxy power out by turtle wax btw:pisschair:
  9. Interior
    ok to start this diy i would like to say this is my first diy so give me a little break if its not too good. and i kno my car is dirty lol. and secondly i wouldnt really recommend anyone going out and buying 96-00 civic brackets for racing seats to fit to our cars, because it was time consuming...
  10. General Talk
    does any one know if that seat bushing tsb covers 05 coupes also?and will honda do it for free?
  11. Electrical
    Does anyone know how to disable the seat belt alarm, I just got some new recardo seats in with harnesses and I don't know how to take off the light or the sound and it's driving me crazy, anything will be helpful.
  12. Mechanical Problems
    if anyone can give a quick explanation on how to remove the rear seats, itd be sweet Im sure its not to hard, im not asking for a diy just a quick step by step
  13. General Talk
    I know i will have to Mod the front seats a bit but will the back seat fit into an em2 or will i need to mod it also? Thanks for any help:tup:
  14. General Talk
    I'm thinking of replacing my drivers seat with something a little more upscale. I might do the passenger at the same time if I can find a set for cheap (under $500, used of course). Got a few questions. Car is a 2003 Civic SI (Canadian SI, US DX?, EX?) Car does have SRS and ABS. Here goes...
  15. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys I am trying to re-install my stock seat belts, they seem to be stuck retracted almost all the way in...there is about a foot out of the assembly... any ideas to get it so it will come all the way out?
  16. General Talk
    I am looking for seat covers for my 05 EX Coupe, looking for custom fit that is preferabbly waterproof. Doing it to preserve the original seats. Looking for fronts + arm rest and back. I checked ebay, Walmart, Autozone, etc. they have generic ones. Best ones I've found online would cost me...
  17. General Talk
    Should i get it... i'll check it out first, but he says he never had passengers in his vic and this is the passenger side.. had about 20 hours of someone on the seat.. only thing.. will it work on drivers side?
1-17 of 27 Results