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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes :tup:
  2. General Talk
    Anyone keep up with f1? ( i know its old news), I was watching the repeats on speed channel of the Race in Brazil today. How badass was that for Lewis Hamilton? And everytime i watch it i think that Timo Glock let him win. Who else thinks that? He said in an interview he didnt.
  3. Members Rides
    Hey everyone, I haven't been to active on this board lately simply because I didn't have anything to show for my car. But finally after a few months of broken bolts, DIY disasters and big repair bills I finally have my springs on my car. So this is what it'll look like for the winter. Then the...
  4. General Talk
    Here's the press release. It's really dissappointing. There were 3 more nopi events I was going to, including nationals :(
  5. Members Rides
    let me know what you think.
  6. Off-Topic
    I don't now if anybody is an Office fan, but new season TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Office = Win
  7. Canada
    WHO: Draztik Concepts is proud to present the 2007 season opening cruise. This cruise is open to any and ALL enthusiasts who want to go for a nice drive through some of Ontario's greatest scenery. WHAT: Great cruise including a raffle with some big ticket items and many smaller ones (details to...
  8. Videos & Other Media
    This is huge. After many months, Top Gear is back!!!! Its very much like the previous seasons, except this first episode covers the crash Richard Hammond had at about 288 mph. In rare form, Clarkson was very kind to Hammond on the crash, and...
  9. Off-Topic
    Well Im an Eagles fan, so to celebrate our win, and dallas' loss, I made a picture: He is a good player, but as a Philly sports fan, I'm pretty much expected to be wild and insensitive in my sports fan-dom.
1-9 of 9 Results