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  1. Detailing
    Hey I just recently moved to Tallahassee, and unfortunately I am living in an apartement which means, no more washy my car in my front yard. Rather I have to either use buckets, or go to the car wash. I am very picky about how to wash my car, but I was wondering if those certain carwashes...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    ...Whatz up guys.... well anyways i dropped my boys car today, but while putting the tie road back on the nut or tie road thread thingy was stripped, it kept on going round and round, it did not tighten or loosen, its just on like one thread... is this dangerous or can he ride for a while on...
  3. Videos & Other Media
    Have any of you heard about (aka morgue666)? It is a site where a guy is seen kidnapping/sacrificing/killing then raping women. He got in trouble so he had to put that it was fake and he is a make-up artist, but still. If your easily scared or just don't like gore then don't...
  4. Basic Performance
    Im Thinking Of Messing With The T25 Turbo Kit For My Stock Em2 I Just Got The Basic Stuff I/h/e Now They Said The Turbo Is Safe To Run On A Stock Motor D17 Is This True??? It Only Puts Out 8 Psi's Soo That Should Be Safe Right?
1-5 of 5 Results