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  1. West
    seen a ssm vic downtown with a different looking (but cool) deck lid spoiler...and also seen a em2 around SF Supermarket pulling out of the driveway with SI's and lowered...also ssm...who are you and what is your name dammit! Lol..:wave:
  2. West
    Hey Guys for everyone goin to the may 24th meet we will roll out together if u all want just lets get a list and a location! 1. Victor-Spoon ES2
  3. West
    Hey Guys and Gals! Since Spoon EM2 is retired now! i was thinkin to have a meet just to see how everyone is and meet up and do some photoshoots! i talked to adrian and he said that everyone is busy till may 2nd so i figure this would be a good day to have a meet! let me know whos gonna show up...
  4. West
    haha a thread dedicated to kim and her trip to Sac for the weekend of 19-21. well i was thinking of things to do and i hate being home so i think we should 1. Boating 2. Theme Park 3. Sky Diving! - Im More Down For This Than Anything!! 4. Mountain Cruise 5. All 7thGen Crew And Friends Dinner...
1-4 of 5 Results