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  1. General Talk
    does anyone know the best place or website to get decent roof racks that arent rediculous in price?
  2. General Talk
    So this is the 2nd time 3m tape has failed me when i'm trying to put on my tsunami roof spoiler. i've done the necessary prep work [clean car, rubbing alchohol] and it sticks really good for the first week but after that, it's downhill. any suggestions?
  3. General Talk
    for those who have it, what type of material did u use to put it on the car? just 3M double side tape? on the bottom of mine, its not completely flat so im afraid it might fly off on the freeway or something, did u guys sand it down a lil so its completely flat before applying the DS tape...
  4. General Talk
    If u guys are looking for them has them.
  5. Members Rides
    I gots done a black roof on my car.......woot woot
  6. General Talk
    did anybody do this yet on this site....or post pics or your roof racks if you did curious, cause i wanna put one either a yakima or a thule..
  7. Members Rides
    Im thinking about getting one for my car soon. Im just wondering if you guys can post up pics if you have a roof rack, any type, and maybe tell me what brand and shit it is. thanks in advance!:tup:
  8. General Talk
    Well i've wanted one ever since i got my car but i've never really checked into the pricing of getting something like that installed so i was wondering if anyone on here has done this and a genral idea of how much it would cost to have it done!?
  9. General Talk
    So i was hoping to get some opinions from you guys on roof spoilers i know they wouldn't serve any real purpose on our cars but i was just thinking of getting one for looks to go along with a lip kit once i get one so let me know what you guys think!? This is pretty much the only one i could...
  10. General Talk
    hes a pretty reputable guy and does good work. no half ass. i asked the dude awhile back to consider the em2 application with sunroof even and looks like we MIGHT have somebody who will do it. im sooo buying one if it falls threw. i know theres some of the em2 ballers or shot callers lol who...
  11. General Talk
    ... how? I have been searching the whole day on how to pop up my sunroof like on a 45 degree angle, for show. is this possible, i have seen pics of civics (forgot what year) with the sunroof actually up, and of coarse the black 6th gens from fast and the furious 1 which they actually opened the...
  12. General Talk
    does anyone know where i can find the rear window spoiler?? i found it on ebay but it runs for about 250..does anyone know where i can find it cheaper??
  13. General Talk found it on ebay if anyone with an es1 want this
  14. Members Rides
    I want a roof spoiler on my nesxt civic sedan 2001-2003mod. do the spoilers on cupe fit the 4-door? anyone knpe any manufacturs that made roof spoilers on civics? maby it`s kind of Germen car look, but I realy like it. I love clean styling. less is better
  15. General Talk
    i was looking for a roof spoiler and wanna know if anyone knows if the em1 civic's roof spolier fits on our car thanks guys
1-16 of 16 Results