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  1. West
    When: Augest 22-23 Where: Top of sonora pass Leave Sacramneto, Ca @ 9AM 1. Stop Oakdale, Ca 2. Sonora/ Soulsbyville Ca 3. Strawberry, Ca 4. Top of the Pass 9624 Elevation ( Mimi Em2 Will Provide Lunch once at the top ) After the drive to the pass...
  2. North East
    For all you Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut people! Just wanting to see how many EM2's we have around now that it seems business is booming. Ron - MA
  3. Mid Atlantic
    Who alls going to the HT meet on the 30th. We could all find a place to meet up and ride down together. Thoughts/Ideas?? 1. 02civicrider 2. Harlowe 3. SGolub 4. 5. Copy/Paste the list and add ur name. Will keep this updated.
  4. South
    Alright so were gonna do a roll call for the meet on the 4th of April 2009 @ Orange Blossom Mall, fort pierce, fl. Everybody should meet up at 10AM in the mall parking lot. I've never been to the mall but it seems like a decent place since we all dont know the area So lets all meet in front of...
  5. West
    this will be our official meet thread. we will pick places around the valley to "socialize" every month. norcal and socal peeps, feel free to join in! let us know when you're in town. ============================== Cen*Cal 7thGen Roll Call 1. Bis - Bee or Toua 2. metalviper - Daniel 3...
  6. Events
    FFINAL LIST OF MEMBERS ATTENDING IMPORT ALLIANCE 1. RHCP0801- 1 2. Greeen01civic4d - 2 3. CenZ - 1 4. Harlowe - 2 5. Chris - Not sure 6. Mralbino (Ryan) - 1 7. 02civicrider - 1 or 2 8. cinaibur - 2 or 3 9. toyomatt84 - mw caravan (see sig) 10. Prockem2- 4, all in different cars 11. Pete...
  7. Videos & Other Media
    arounrd the 7min mark its got a miata running a gt35r.
  8. West
    i only know of two members in the central valley (metalviper and myself), so if there's anyone else that lives in this craphole then post up. maybe we can help each other with parts and installation. i'll start it off... 1. Bis - Toua (Sanger) 2. metalviper - Daniel (Kingsburg)
  9. South
    just wanted to see who all we got riding around in North Carolina.
  10. South
    reppin TK
  11. South
    2003 Civic Ex Coupe Daytona Blue/Grandprix White Leesville,La
  12. General Talk
    Ok, I've only been a Honda owner for a few months now, so I haven't been a member here for all that long. My job keeps me unbelievably busy and I try to check in here as much as possible. Here's the deal, it seems that everytime I stop by here, I hear about at least one regular here that...
  13. Detailing
    I duno if this is the rite thread to put this in but.. I was just wonderin what you think about a Roll Call some whereon my car.. i wanna put.. AEM DC SPORT APEXI WORK SEIBON NITTO PROGRESS let me know what you think.. If you think i should where??
  14. Mid West
    Im from Omaha myself, but who else is in Nebraska here?
1-14 of 16 Results