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  1. Suspension
    Hi, Car 04 coupe. I have installed some megan sport coilovers on my car. Just wondering if anyone with direct experience setting these up can give some help. My issue is that I think I've maxed out the rear height as low as they will go, but its not near where I'd like them to be at. I'd...
  2. Suspension
    Ladies / Gentlemen, I have 15" sir rims with basically thicker tires.. For some reason, on the same road, my car feels more bumpy than when i ride with my friend's civic with 18" rims.. Both cars are stock, only difference is the wheels/tires.. will bigger size wheels/thinner tires result to...
  3. General Talk
    :x:Ive noticed that every other car forum has a ride of the month section.. I think that we should bring that here.. I think it would bring more excitement to the site.. What do guys say?? We would get lfinalist and vote every month...:hsugh::ohnoes:
  4. Members Rides
    i am in the runnings for ride of the month on, here are the pics im entering, they are unedited so far. let me know what you guys think.
  5. Members Rides
    I got bored, didnt know you could do so much with photobucket. here you go:
  6. Members Rides
    Hey guys ive been on this site for a while and never posted pics of my ride because i never thought it was ready.. well it still isnt but wanted to show your my progress.. keep in mind mine is far from being what some of the civics on here look like.. give me your opinions.. flame suit ready...
  7. Members Rides
    Hey everyone, most of you probably don't know or remember me but wanted to let everyone that cares or remembers me know that I said goodbye to the civic and am now the proud owner of an RX-8. Always been a huge fan of rotary engines and the RX-8 is a marvelous machine. Without further ado...
  8. Members Rides
    hi guys~ as Promise.. this is some of the picture of my ride.. pls enjoy! view from back some front view picture
  9. Members Rides
    Out with the old look... In with the new... 3/11/09 :wave:
  10. Members Rides
    I dont know why but i love that quote from Tokyo Drift. Just washed it.
  11. Introduce Yourself
    hey, just want some input. here is list of mods: Exterior: black top G5 urathane lip kit apexi catback 18 inch wheels black projects (putting in blacked out OEMs with 8000k HID in spring) tint front grille lowered on tein springs (putting in tein ss-p thanks to andyman) Interior: RSX...
  12. Members Rides
    Well i traded my truck in for this snowmobile thats fucking fast. Just kiding but this is my winter toy Arctic cat ZRT 800. This sled has some balls and as everyone that reads my thread know i cant leave nothing alone so the motor is built a little bit and its fast enough it was dyned at 235...
  13. Members Rides
    heres my 03 Em2 with my Si rims on it tell me what you think! thanks!
  14. Members Rides
    just a mini photoshot last to my bro for taking the pics:tup: what do you think?yey or nay?;)
  15. Members Rides
  16. Members Rides
    Got the car washed and grabbed the camera for a photoshoot any criticism welcome and any tips of other things to do in photoshop besides Brightness/Contrast would help too :tup:
  17. Members Rides
    first post in here might as well introduce myself and my car i know my car is screaming for a front lip from previous wheels * reason for the band aid - B.C. has had a freakishly weird winter and right after i put on my old enkie's it started snowing / ice rain and my...
  18. General Talk
    My Sr. Partner's ride - Maserati Quattroporte Sick 4dr. I dunno if I woulda spent the $ there though.
  19. Canada
1-20 of 53 Results