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  1. General Talk
    Since it seems a lotta people here enjoy the rides that get posted on car domain, I thought hey why not just start a thread for it. Then I realized oh yeah search first - new thread second. Well I couldn't fond for this so no there is one. Here's one I ran across that gave me a good laugh...
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  4. Videos & Other Media
    crazy idiots drifting in a parking lot
  5. General Talk
    ok, yesturday while i was driving on brookhurst st. passing mile square park around 4:50pm, this young asian guy(around 17-25) in a stock black 2000-2005 celica gt comes right up beside me and starts reving at me. im like wutever ricer. all of a sudden, he steps on his gas and speeds off. im...
  6. General Talk
    Pics of Local Ricers & WTF!!! 56K~No Way! I know we all post up a pic of a local ricer from time to time. I just thought that it would be nice if we had a thread for just that. So here it is. Post up your local Rice. Do not go out and find pics on the net, post only pictures that you took...
  7. General Talk
    I was at Advance Auto putting my new air filter on today and this guy in a beat ass DX coupe came by me, stopped, bounced it off the rev limiter, then took off out of the parking lot and raced away, hanging it off the rev limiter in every gear. This thing had no front bumper, ugly ass tribal...
  8. Videos & Other Media
    not sure if repost but enjoy
1-9 of 9 Results