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  1. General Talk
    Can anyone explain to me with detail what is rice and what isant?
  2. Members Rides
    As you can see im no photographer, and i have a shitty camera. I tried my best to take pics but i have no luck. Anyways here are the pics. Probaly one of the most different sedan on any 7thgen that ive seen. More people will hate it, some will like it. Otherwise enjoy!:tup2: EP3 Shift Knob...
  3. Members Rides
    so i decided to start my built thread cos after seeing the progress done on my car i started taking pics of it in stages. so i thought y not start a built thread to show how things are going. Anyways names Danny and in from the land down under (Australia) and i drive an ES1. ive had this car...
  4. Off-Topic
    Looks like there are more EM2's around Ireland.. Left hand drive tho, must be imported.. :nono: fuker can afford it anyway.. Rice or not?
  5. Off-Topic
    so i was driving to work today and usually it takes me only few mins to get to work but today it was a pretty long commute. it turned out that the school bus struck 6th gen very ricing looking civic coupe and the guy from the civic was trying to get into the bus to fight the bus driver. while...
  6. Off-Topic
    So what is rice? Seems like alot of people have adapted their own definitions. I've been modding for a good while now and it's always been non performance oriented mods that make a car "look fast" as opposed to real "performance". You can look around the web and find lots of different "urban"...
  7. Basic Performance
    so i got fed up with everyone calling my exaust tip ricey so i bought a used tip off my buddy for 30$ it a authentic tenzo R 4" tip he had to take it off because it was so loud a cop pulled him over and told him he needed to take it off hopefully i can weld it on at school tomaro.
  8. Videos & Other Media after halfway is amazing!
  9. General Talk
    Florida :nono::punchballs:
  10. General Talk Just a dumbass considering there is a Toyota plant 30 mins from me in Buffalo, WV.
  11. Off-Topic I am sure almost everyone has...
  12. Members Rides
    So i was driving around like 2 days ago and saw this vic up for sale, i decided to take some pics today cause i hadn't since i got my tint and... his was chilling there.. so i was like.. hmm i'll make it a photoshoot! haha, anyways is his rice or not.. i looked at his hood and saw the guages...
  13. Swap and Forced Induction
    yes, my dilemma...u guys can call it a tragedical stage drama that would most probably be written by shakespeare, time, money (alot wasted) lessons learnt, and most importantly dissapointment, i or u as the reader might start shreading tears at the end due to the shit that ive gone through with...
  14. Members Rides
    So what does everyone think? +100WHP +25WHP (x2 for other side) +15WHP some of you from civicforums may remember those pictures and all of flaming i got for that amazing looking ricecar(dont ask what i was thinkin). so now with that embarassing...
  15. Members Rides
    check this hot rod out, its an automatic, has two under construction decals, one of the top the windshield and one on the top of the rear windshield. A tenzo R decal on the bottom on the front windshield, tokico shocks, wings west, iceman and some other sticker on the sides (one side is missing...
  16. General Talk
    okay I saw this on another forum and kinda liked it what do you think?[/img]
  17. Members Rides
    well here is what it looked like when i was a ricer and now, just need some new OEM floormats, the ones i have now i bought used and i need some pieces by the cig lighter
  18. General Talk
    Hey guys well im considering blacking out my tail lights. I have a black 04 civic ex. It has 20 percent window tint. Anyways would this look ricey or bad on my car? Please let me know. Thanks I appreicate it -Daniel
1-19 of 20 Results