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  1. Basic Performance
    i just finished puting in the revo ss and i swear the height and throw of it feels exactly as the one i took off the car. either i already had a revo in it (understandable i did buy the car 2nd hand off a dealership) or the guy i bought the revo from sold me a stock shifter. . . Anything...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    So, yesterday I was driving home and I hear a weird noise coming from newly installed Revo Short Shifter, it felt like something wasw about to come off nd sure enough something came loose as i pulled into my neighborhood.... i pull of my center console and the allen key just popped off the...
  3. Engine & Transmission
    I received my aluminum shifter bushings tonight and figured I would write-up a DIY on how to install them and a Revo Technica Short Shifter on my 2003 EM2. I installed the shifter 6 months ago, but since I had to remove it to replace the bushings, this DIY will work for both. So here we go. You...
  4. Basic Performance
    i got my revo short shifter a few weeks ago. i finally decided to have a shop put it in while it was there getting it's anal...i mean annual north carolina inspection and tires rotated. i didn't get an aftermarket boot or knob, but right off the bat i could see a huge difference in how much...
  5. General Talk
    How do you like it? I am very tempted to order one now. Let me know if you have pics excellent!
1-5 of 6 Results