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  1. Detailing
    Hey guys, I painted a little spot on the rear bumper that was scrathed up a while bck. I use the same spray can i used for my lips.. And then weeks pased and i cleaned the middle part of the bumper with a hankerchief and soon after i saw some nasty swirl marks that looked like it had taken the...
  2. Exterior
    Hey whats up Honda Community! Remember i bought this silly VP, well i just got the tint done, and i had to remove the vinyl and the pinstipre (just looked goofy) heres what i did Used a heat gun, My finger nails, and a Carbrite product called TakeOff Wich smells like 151 but more...
  3. Basic Performance
    A year ago i hit an animal and my ac's been out ever since. what would it take to A: have it removed B: The proper fan/ac belt with one less pulley and c: will it produce any more power?? any insight??
  4. Basic Performance
    I have a AEM cold air intake.. Now im not as privileged as some guys to be able to get a winter beater so my puppy"s hittin the snow again this year. I have always heard to take the cold air out for the metal builds condensation from the frost and can cause water is the engine... MYTH? lemme...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    Does anyone have a diy or link for removing the intake mani? i need to remove the steering arm bracket thanks
  6. Basic Performance
    anyone running just the fronts? hows the vibration?
  7. Other
    Removing the brake dust shields will allow much more air to hit the brakes, and will therefore keep them much cooler on track days and hard canyon runs. However it will increase the amount of brake dust on your suspension and wheels (duh). So if your wheels are worth as much as the rest of...
  8. Electrical & Lighting
    So it looks like there's no guide here on how to replace your tail lights or to remove your rear bumper - which I discovered that to remove stock tail lights on the 03 Civic Sedan you had to remove the bumper cover. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible, the pictures I took should be easy...
  9. Electrical & Lighting
    Removing a head unit is very simple insert your finger into the cig lighter and carefully pullthe unit out unplug the cable to the cig lighter and fog lights(if u gots em) get a good grip and pull up...for manuals only...not sure about autos...but who would waste time with an auto? 2...
  10. General Talk
    UPDATE! with Pics PAGE 3! Heres my quick Progress of the removing of my Single. I will Def miss it, the burnouts it gave me, getting me to work early with its amzing TQ and other countless times it got me around. Well im going down the K Path now so i got stuff for sale...
  11. Detailing
    How do I remove "what I think is" paint overspray? I have a few small patches I'd like to have removed. Also, how long is too long to remove it. It only recently got on my car. The car is black by the way. Thanks
1-11 of 12 Results