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  1. General Talk
    Does anyone know how to pull off the cover on an 02 EM2 ebarke. I already know how to pull everything else apart, but for some reason I can't get the cover off of the ebrake. Do i just need to pull really hard? Is there a bolt/screw I can't see? Is there a secret ninja technique I don't know?
  2. Electrical
    How do you take the tweeters out? I'm thinking of replacing with some Type-R 6.5 components but was wondering how to take out the stock tweets.
  3. General Talk
    I know this is supp to be attached somewhere...But where? My subs r makin it rattle like crazy.. any significance besides holding the trunk lid?
  4. General Talk
    hello fellow civic owners i am planning to get a rear fog light but :dunno: i am not sure how to take off the rear bumper. anyone pls help me out.
  5. General Talk
    Okay so I saw the DIY here to remove the crank pulley and I guess you need the Honda Pulley Hold Down tool to prevent it from spinning, and since an impact doesnt work then I was wondering.. If I dont money right now for the tool, is there an alternative way to remove it without the c/p spinning...
  6. Electrical
    I just ordered some LED interior lights. The rear dome light acted like a bitch to take down. So i didn't mess with it to much. I didn't want to break it. How do i take it down with:dance005:out breaking anything?
  7. Detailing
    The hood has like a haze on it...what should i use to remove it? Not sure what caused that or why that happens, Is it cause the car is black?
  8. General Talk
    i haved been searching for like 40 min for a diy on how to remove the door panel and they are all lx and ex. how do i remove the window crank? and can i do it with a flathead screwdriver?
  9. Detailing
    well the guy I got the car from lived on a country road and the car does have a decent amount of dings and the front bumper would take me forever to sand and redo yes I know I have bigger things to worry about such as the hole in the bumper but is there a cheap product to fill these little...
  10. General Talk
    Hey guys, I need to wire an ipod cable to where the E-brake is, but can't get the cable under the cup holder. How do i remove that?
  11. Detailing
    i dont remember where i read this but i tried it on my girls car today it actually worked! just put some peanut butter on a towel and rub it on the tar with a lot of elbow grease and it all goes away, pretty neat if you ask me just thought i would let you guys know :cool:
  12. Mid Atlantic
    saw this in another forum,so why not give it a shot.
1-12 of 13 Results