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  1. Electrical
    Looking to fix up my electrical system a bit. I was gona' start by moving the battery to the trunk. Winters are harsh up here, a lot of salt, a lot of snow. A few things I'd like to clear up. I have a sub and amp in the back already, there are a few wires ran under the carpets and in the door...
  2. General Talk
    WHeres a good place to relocate the battery for more room in the bay. I want a stable place to put it in where it wont ground itself or anything by accident. If you relocated, post pics please =)
  3. Electrical
    I want my CD player down there, so my screen can go up top, anybody know how he did it????
  4. General Talk
    well like it says, i decided to do a battery relocate today. I took it from the front of the bay, and wired it to be tucked in the side of the trunk. I am happy with the job, my friend and i did it in a couple hours. Definatly looks good. I just didn't like that my battery was right there in...
1-4 of 4 Results