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  1. Canada
    hey boys i decided to make a thread for ken and i. i was thinking somewhere near Grimsby. half way for GTA and me. lol anyways let see a great turn out. Come on Guys. Saturday MAY 15 would be nice. add your name to the list. (im adding ken even tho he doesnt know yet) 1. Taylorsherk...
  2. General Talk
    Instead of doing what Carver said to do with fone numbers and location, do like I have done and post it in your region down below. This way you know how many people are in say the northeast, so this way you know who is from where and it is easier to make meets. :werd:
  3. North East
    We Need to Make a list of people from our section and post up what state you live in so we can decide on a center point to meet. We can start planning now so that way when the summer comes it will be all set. -EM2ner Massachusetts
  4. Site News & Feedback
    Will we have moderators for the different regions? If so, I would be interested!
1-4 of 4 Results