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  1. General Talk
    So I'm trying to decide whether I should go with red or black "H" emblems to replace the regular ones on my silver 2004 civic coupe. what colour do you guys think goes better with silver? Red or Black? Black -...
  2. Members Rides
    Took pics today, I have to say I'm officially done with the exterior of my car now. All I need is a few interior and mechanical things and I'm set. Comments appreciated. :coffee:
  3. General Talk
    I know someones gonna say something about the search button, and I searched the crap outta this haha. In all the threads people pointed toward the ep3 ones, just want to be sure..
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    wassup i have a 04 civic coupe does anyone know what car i need to get the front and back red honda emblem from? because our honda emblem is perty big in the front.
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i really like how the Red rota GT3s look on our car, but i just know that other ppl will be like "wtf? why do you have red wheels on your car"
  6. Off Topic Lounge :bowrofl:
  7. Members Rides
    So I started this project today. Only finished one side and im going to finish the other side tomorrow. So here a picture of the door panel out, the arm rest piece apart. That as far as you can get off from the arm rest. On this picture I also had pulled off the stock gray insert. So once I...
  8. General Talk
    where can i buy a decal or something to replace my honda emblem on my steering to a red honda emblem?
  9. General Talk
    ok ive searched for 2 hours here and honda tech and i cant find shiiiiiiiit i have an 02 civic, dimensions for my trunk emblem are 2.5x3in, grill is 3.5x3in give or take a few cm. what emblems fit on the trunk and grill? what modifications are needed to install on trunk and grill? where...
  10. Members Rides
    post them up! i'll start it off...
  11. General Talk
    Took me about an hour to get the shaping right but here it is =). 1 door down 1 more to go. i did a DIY so itll be up soon =D
  12. General Talk
    hey guys, i have a 2005 honda civic 2 dr, where can i find red emblems for the front grill and back, thanks
  13. Members Rides
    Some may like it, some may not. Ill let the photos do the talking Click on picture to enlarge. Comments are welcome.
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys most of you already know who i am from and civicforums (previously Well heres a quick pic of my ride in case any of you guys missed it.... Before After
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    who got the red ring on their 360? i just got mines like 4 days ago
  16. Members Rides
    I wanna see u rep the rally red
  17. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i have a rally red civic trying to get some wheels i wanted slipstreams sports bronze what do u guys think
  18. Members Rides
    Hey guys can u plz tell me if there are any red H emblems that fit 04 civic em2 ..or any alternatives...Where can i find em.
  19. Members Rides
    after looking online forever trying to find out where to get the red H decals that go on the steering wheel, i finally found the guy selling them. heres the link. 8)
1-20 of 20 Results