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  1. Suspension
    I did ebachi pro kit and Tokyo blue struts and my fucking rear is really high. It looks like stock check out my project civic thread in members ride to see what i mean its page 48 i believe. Doe sit take time to settle or do i need to jump up nad down on it??? Thanks for the help guys
  2. Off-Topic
    Does a rear lip for a 4 door fit a 2 door
  3. Suspension
    So after I installed the Prokit Springs, it was time to take the car in to get an alignment, cause the front toe was off. No big deal. Well, when I go to pick it up, the guy says the couldn't adjust the right rear toe enough. Something's bent. Of course, my knee-jerk reaction is to think...
  4. General Talk
    Hey guys, I got my rear bumper spacers in today and i got 3 of the 4 on but the one that wraps around to the rear on the passanger side the 2 bolts that hold it are badly rusted and won't come off. I got one of em half way off and now it won't come the rest of the way. You'll have any ideas on...
  5. General Talk
    just wondering what kinda rear lip you guys rockin on your rides. just wanted to get an idea on what to buy since i got the mugen front lip and the rs sideskirts. post up pics please:tup:
  6. Suspension
    would going from -2.0 in the rear to -.8 make a big difference in handling or tire wear?
  7. Suspension
    This mod is not for the weak. It took us two days to do it. Plus we were installing my suspension. Common snags were 1) bolts that were too tight, 2) stubborn bushings, 3) not having access to a vice, and 4) mistakes. I suggest dropping both control arms first then start in on the bushings...
  8. Electrical
    Well I'm planning to do some more work to my 2004 LX Sedan. I'm very happy with how my front blue lights turned out, and the switch panel location was great considering what I had to work with. I'm planning however to upgrade the light I have on my windshield by the rearview mirror, and...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    I have a 02 civic that need the back rear studs to be changed and was wondering if anyone can guide me to changing it.....thanks....
  10. General Talk
    Hey guys I am thinking about getting one, does anyone have any recommendations as far as a good brand that they have been happy with? Thx
  11. General Talk
    hey everyone i have a 2005 honda civic ex with a greddy ev2 exhaust will this lip fit with my exhaust?
  12. Electrical
    i need help with removing the back panel, thanks
  13. Mechanical Problems
    if anyone can give a quick explanation on how to remove the rear seats, itd be sweet Im sure its not to hard, im not asking for a diy just a quick step by step
  14. Suspension
    any one on a pair saw some on sale at a local Canadian shop I know that the EP3 hatch application will fit our cars, according to some searching on this forum so I anyone have any reviews to share? how are the bushings on these control arms? the car is 02 Acura EL, daily driver, the car will...
  15. General Talk
    I know i will have to Mod the front seats a bit but will the back seat fit into an em2 or will i need to mod it also? Thanks for any help:tup:
  16. General Talk
    hello fellow civic owners i am planning to get a rear fog light but :dunno: i am not sure how to take off the rear bumper. anyone pls help me out.
  17. Suspension
    I would like to know if the rear strut bar is a worthwhile installation. Iam the CarKing!lol and reconize any type of suspension upgrade especially stiffing up suspension and body to get power down and better control is a plus. -yet ive heard that installion of the rear strut bar is not even...
  18. Suspension
    so, heres the deal, thinking about doing rear sway conversion for the 01 lx, which didnt come with rear sway. problem is, the lx doesnt come with rear sway endlink brakets on the lower control arms, so hence i need someone to help me find the rear sway endlinks for the 01 civic lx, and no, i...
  19. General Talk
    Does anybody knows if someone makes a rear disc conversion for the 7th gen honda... I've got a 02 civic... if not what will be my options for this? And also i have an auto tranny, and i'm about to swap it to manual, is it good to go with a stock civic 5spd manual tranny or a 6spd custom built....
  20. Members Rides
    does anyone have a pic of it that they can easily access? i tried going back to the pages of 01-03 civics but they just have too much talk and so little pix... couldnt find it. The one i wanted to see was the white 01-03 civic that was parked on a sidewalk with the 04-05 rear bumper w/ sides...
41-60 of 138 Results