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  1. Mechanical Problems
    i will be installing a new radiator from an older civic (half size radiator). the site i ordered it from listed it for every civic under the sun from 92-00 and also for 01-05 acura el (same as our little honda civic under the panels anyways if im not mistaken). i was just wondering if there is...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Dont have a Honda manual bu can someone point me in the direction for instructions to remove the radiator support.. i was in a minor accident and decided to swap my rad support myself so jus need directions.... and if anyone has done this themselves already is it difficult?:dunno:
  3. Mechanical Problems
    OK, so I put my rad back in,filled it connected the fans and so on and so forth, started the car went "hey! it runs!":tup: and continued on with other endevours beleiving the rad was oky doky. WRONG I had the car running for like 10 min and i notice smoke coming out the hood. Not white or...
  4. General Talk
    Anyone know where i can get one? Its for my 2dr, but apparently the sedan one works with the "jdm" grille. Or do i just have to wait until someone is selling one?
  5. General Talk
    Is the construction of an oil cooler the exact same as the construction of a radiator? I have a small, maybe 6x14" radiator lying around and I'd like to use it for an oil cooler. I just wanted to make sure that the internal guts weren't any different to handle oil vs. coolant before I ordered...
  6. General Talk
    Okay for those of you who have an after-market grille for the 01-03s, how do you get a plastic radiator and engine bay cover that the grille sits in. It ticks me off that the grille is open strait to the bay, so when i go through a car wash, all the water is just shot up in there and hits the...
  7. Swap and Forced Induction
    I know the EP3 Rad is recommended I know that the DC5 needs to be modified to fit I need a Rad for my swap and can get a brand new DC5 for much cheaper than EP3 Rad so...what do you need to modify to make the DC5 fit in EM2 Kswap? Also, is it hard? Anyone have pictures...? BTW, I currently...
  8. Swap and Forced Induction
    Anyone know if any company makes an half size radiator for the em2's? I need one because the RBC intake manifold will be damn close maybe actually pushing up against my Stock EP3 one. if someone knows a company who makes one link me please!!!
1-8 of 9 Results