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  1. General Talk
    Does anyone know of any good places to go driving around or a place where people meet up and show off their rides? Here in Ohio there aren't many places to go meet up with fellow car enthusiasts and cruise around or race that I'm aware of. I'm just curious if there is anyone in the midwest area...
  2. Canada
    Cleaning out my garage. 2004 D17a1 Engine 145000kms Runs Great pulled out due to engine swap for more power. (K-series) $200.00 PRICE LOWERED 2001-2005 stock manifold $10 or free with this motor. D16y8 Manifold on its own $60 Stock plastic intake manifold $10 Valve Cover with wrinkle...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    have anybody have thier engine light pop up for the o2 sensor when u installed the header?
  4. Suspension
    I just thought I would see if anyone was interested in suspension parts that are made for the JDM civic. I am unsure about the differences if any for the two but the parts are good quality. I have a c-pillar from Ultra Racing right now for the Honda Fit and a rear strut bar as well as a rear...
  5. General Talk
    I am looking at getting some racing seats for my em2 and a corsport rear bar for a 5 point harness. how much work is it to make the stock em2 seat sliders fit? also should I go with a reclining seat or a fiberglass fixed position seat?
  6. Suspension
    ive seen the kits for sale on ebay are they any good?
  7. Suspension
    Just came across these on corsport and realized i have never heard of them. Just wondering if anyone on here knew anything about them, or know anything of the company. I wasn't for sure if it was something worth buying, or if it was just another cookie cutter company...
  8. Suspension
    Hey yall, I'm need to drop my car baadly, but I have a 05 Sedan and they all sags like shit from the back on a springs setup. EM2s can handle it very well. So came across someone locally selling the whole package deal of new DropZone Racing Struts, Shocks, & Springs for a very cheap price...
  9. Suspension
    Anyone ever heard of them? and/or are riding on them? I can get them for like $96 a sleeve. 0" - 4" drop :dunno:
  10. General Talk
    so the races in hartford just started up about 2 or 3 weeks ago i went and it was acually pretty good and i just watched lol. but any way what happens to you guys if you get cought street racing here in CT its become such a problem that the cops eather impound your car if your even at the seen...
  11. Interior
    ok to start this diy i would like to say this is my first diy so give me a little break if its not too good. and i kno my car is dirty lol. and secondly i wouldnt really recommend anyone going out and buying 96-00 civic brackets for racing seats to fit to our cars, because it was time consuming...
  12. Suspension
    any one on a pair saw some on sale at a local Canadian shop I know that the EP3 hatch application will fit our cars, according to some searching on this forum so I anyone have any reviews to share? how are the bushings on these control arms? the car is 02 Acura EL, daily driver, the car will...
  13. Suspension
    i finally did my first mod last week :dance005:... megan racing front and rear strut bars. installing it wasn't what i imagined it to be. never knew i had to move the clutch fluid. what a drag. took almost an hour to finish. did the rear strut bar the next morning...and wow mad annoying. it...
  14. Basic Performance
    Hey guys I'm getting my car done at the shop right now from my accident, I was wondering if anyone has the megan racing header for the lx? Mine is an 05 and I was looking at the cat which is directly on the stock header, I was curious would I need a defouler or would I be able to stick in the...
  15. General Talk
    Anyone keep up with f1? ( i know its old news), I was watching the repeats on speed channel of the Race in Brazil today. How badass was that for Lewis Hamilton? And everytime i watch it i think that Timo Glock let him win. Who else thinks that? He said in an interview he didnt.
  16. Member Builds
    Undercoating the car. Hey everybody, The name is Oeve and I am from Belgium! The first car I bought was a 2003 civic coupe! I totaled it after 7000Km then got a new 04 facelift coupe from insurense. It went through some change by the years making it look like this. <Exterieur: - Magnesium...
  17. Off-Topic download its free and fun
1-18 of 41 Results