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  1. Detailing
    is plastx good for our plastic chrome parts like the H, civic emblem and on the edge of the hood? if not what is?
  2. Electrical
    heyguys im putting a new headunit in my gf's car tonight. shes got a 2002 acura 1.7 EL. everything looks exactly the same as my 05 civic.... would her car use the same dash kit and wiring harness? im 90 percent sure it does, but just wanted to double check! thanks!
  3. Members Rides
    decided to take some pics today so here they are cell phone pics FTL
  4. Photography and Photoshop
    Looking on changing the color of the car come june and want to get a rough idea on how it will look before i dive into it. First all, im gonna be getting the type a side skirts, so if u can put those on i'd appreciate it. If not, it's fine. Im wanting to do the car in Artic Blue Pearl...
  5. Members Rides
    :wave: Old 7thgencivic member... actually never realized there was another site when that fell through. Don't have many good pics of the car. In fact, all of these are from this past weekend. Bumped into member "Unevolved" at a track event at Texas World Speedway. He pointed me in the...
  6. Members Rides
    Couple of my friends and I got together and did a quick photoshoot, The quality doesnt look too great because it was really windy and kind of mucky out. Hope you guys enjoy! Friends Zach's Evo My Civic Lolll I need a Sedan Rad cover =[ Hmmm...Low Fluids eh?? Hmm.... Friends...
  7. General Talk
    I'm looking at a set of fat fives this week that I might be trading for my 17's, and my car is lowered around 2" or so. How much lower will my car be with the fat fives?
  8. Basic Performance
    I have currently Megan headers, Mega downpipe, and the Megan Drift spec setup. I am looking to reduce the noise. I am kinda to the point I rather buy a Honda Fit. It isn't that loud but I like it more quiet. Yes I could go back to stock but how my stockpipe is wielded to my custom midpipe with...
  9. Basic Performance
    What is the difference between 4-2-1 and 4-1 headers.. im thinking of 4-2-1 is there a: weigh difference? sound? horsepower? torque? air flow? what?
  10. Members Rides
    Questions..Comments..Concerns..Let them be known Thanks :D I also plan on dropping the front a little more just haven't had time to adjust.. Before: After
  11. General Talk
    i wanna put one on but dont know about the cruise controls where have you guys put them? i was thinking about wiring up some new push button swithes on the dash.. any thoughts?
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Somebody give me a free program to take all the songs off my ipod, preferably something that will organize them into artist subfolders etc. thanks
  13. Members Rides
    those were before getting stuck in the mud.... im stuck as hell in these next pics, i had to have a buddy come help push me out
  14. General Talk
    hey guys. i got a turbo d17a2 and its been needing to go in for the emissions test for a while. now yesturday i went n i got a secondary o2 sensor and a defouler to clear the cel but ran into a problem i had no where to connect the 02 sensor. now theres a whole lot more background to this story...
  15. General Talk
    there is a guy on a local forum that bought a d17 to put into his eg. How much should i offer him for it? thanks guys
  16. Suspension RSX Skunk2 full coils for $250 shipped! should come with tie rod ends, but can be bought for like 30 bucks each from me :laugh2:. cant beat the price!
  17. Members Rides
    Hey I just installed a new CAI and thought I should throw some pics up for everyone. Its a Fujita CAI that I got for $190. I was really impressed with the fitment and packaging quality. So far I am actually more impressed with it than the AEM CAI I had on my integra. Here are a few shots of it.
  18. Photography and Photoshop
    wuts good everyone. its been a long time since i actually started a thread on here lol. well i got bored n decided its been a long time since i messed rounf wit photoshop so i did this lil chop of my em2. think it actually turned out pretty sweet lol actually now with it blown up i can see a...
1-20 of 50 Results