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  1. Members Rides
    Hi, don't know where else to post this but I have a question: I recently blew my 2005 Civic coupe's d17a1, (spun rods, shrapnel in the oil pickup, bent crank, warped block etc) and found a good engine on marketplace. Only problem is it's a d17a2. I tore down the VTEC engine and put a new head...
  2. Dont know where to post?
    Hello, I am trying to go for this look on the rear lip. I have a 2004 Civic VP coupe and have searched the internet for this specific rear lip/kit but have not found anything remotely close for the 04-05 body styles. What I did find is something very similar to the 01-03 rear lips but I keep...
  3. General Talk
    Alright I am having trouble deciding which lip I want, I keep going back and forth. Anyway, I got a silver EM2 and I love the way the Mugen lip looks on it unpainted, but I like the type r lip painted equally as much.... what do you guys think? What should I do? :dunno::dunno::dunno:
  4. General Talk
    how do you guys that have the little rectangle box with the different views of your car in cartoon like form do that?
  5. Detailing
    is plastx good for our plastic chrome parts like the H, civic emblem and on the edge of the hood? if not what is?
  6. Canada
    Hey 7thgenhonda, I've recently become the owner of a 2005 civic lx coupe. So far the car has been great, all I've done is replaced the stock shift knob with a replica ITR knob, new security system and installed a new JVC deck with ipod adapter. Attached are some pictures of me test-fitting Rota...
  7. Detailing
    I just ordered my peice and im trying to figure out the BEST wax or polish they have to keep it in tip top shape im a neat freak i dont want my hood fading or looking like ass 2 years down the in seattle its sunny and rainy so i need something that can handle heat an moisture and last...
  8. Electrical
    So Mralbino posted this on the last wiring thread I found, but I have another question related to this. My ep3 wiring harness has an orange and white "dimmer" wire and a solid orange "illumination/dash light" wire. But my deck wiring harness has one orange and white "illumi" wire (listed as...
  9. Suspension
    Alright, So heres what i have planned, i am going to get a 1.9" drop with some springs that i've purchased, however before i throw them in, I'd like to know whether or not I'll need camber correction with this drop? I know on my old car when i did a 60/40 Cupkit, i ate tires for breakfast...
  10. Electrical
    heyguys im putting a new headunit in my gf's car tonight. shes got a 2002 acura 1.7 EL. everything looks exactly the same as my 05 civic.... would her car use the same dash kit and wiring harness? im 90 percent sure it does, but just wanted to double check! thanks!
  11. Electrical
    for the oem fog light installation i was wondering about the fenders. in my 01 em2 the fenders have this im guessing metal lip.. and i was wondering if that would be any trouble when removing the bumber since the lip is partially on the bumper. any one know anything about this?
  12. South
    so i live in the lovely state of NH, the city of nashua to be exact. i keep seein this black em2 with texas plates. owned by some younger kid.. with like dark brown hair... it is driving me insane... i want to know if he may be on the site... just sence saturday alone i must have seen this car...
  13. General Talk
    i have the d17a1 and i want to convert it to vtec what all do i need to get i know i need the head but what else or is it just easier to get the whole motor?
  14. Mechanical Problems
    Wuts up family.. I got a little issue with my new HID setup. I recently purchased the 10000k bi-xenon kit from and after installing I noticed that the driver side light is purple and the passenger side is blue.. is there any solutions to this crazy problem? please help me!!:sadwavey:
  15. Electrical
    I got an older alpine w/ the v-drive amp that pushes out 27watts rms.....accorfding to the manual im supposed to wire it to the battery for optimal power. If i wire it to the battery wont it drain my battery even w/o the car on???
  16. General Talk
    Im thinkin about sellin my jmags.If i keep em im gunna have to buy sum bigger tires for them.Do you guys think i shud keep them or sell em?
  17. Mechanical Problems
    I had recently bought the car with a bent catback, although I never thought of this but I was wondering if it restrict my airflow at all? Heres a pics of it...sorry I couldnt really get a good one. It looks worse than this...
  18. Site News & Feedback
    Do I need 125 posts in order for my sig to be active? I uploaded a sig yesterday but it hasn't been showing on any of my posts?:dunno:
  19. Mechanical Problems
    My cat header/cat converter went bad a couple days back(its the LX cat). :tdn:..I wasn't gonna drive it around till i got it fixed, but i had to since its the only means of transportation i have. So then yesterday, while driving the CEL comes on; I'm thinkng maybe an o2 sensor went bad or...
1-19 of 205 Results