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  1. General Talk
    Okay so I saw the DIY here to remove the crank pulley and I guess you need the Honda Pulley Hold Down tool to prevent it from spinning, and since an impact doesnt work then I was wondering.. If I dont money right now for the tool, is there an alternative way to remove it without the c/p spinning...
  2. General Talk
    For those of you who have underdrive crank pulleys, what size belt did you use? Because from what I heard, the belt length changes so yeah.. :shrug:
  3. Basic Performance
    okay so now i heard that the crank pully's arent actually bad unless they're the AEM ones. i only have the underdrive crank pully's but it has no harmonic balancer. my question is, ill take chances getting it installed, but if it messes up my car, is it over ? or i can just replace it w/ my...
  4. General Talk
    i owe money to people and im getting 150 for fun money. if you guys had the choice... BESIDES USING THE 150 TO PAY PEOPLE BACK would you guys buy a front lip to cover a big ass crack on the bottom part of your bumper ? or would you install your pulley that you have sitting at home ?
  5. Basic Performance
    i just ordered a crank shaft pulley for my d17. the company i ordered it from said i need a shorter belt and its not included. theres this place that will do it for me but my question is... why do i need a shorter belt ? they look the same size ..
1-5 of 5 Results