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  1. Off-Topic
    Who plays PS3 online? and list what games you play online I'll start off: Socom Confrontation Blitz League 2 NPPL Paintball 2009
  2. Off-Topic
    well yes i found out this morning that PS3 does indeed have its own ring of death like xbox. but instead of 3 red rings its a yellow light of death. plus b/c i have had the system for almost 2 years my warranty is up and its gonna cost me $150 dollars :tear: what a wonderful day to start your...
  3. Off-Topic
    Anyone on here play online.
  4. Off-Topic
    I picked up a 80 gig ps3 with metal gear solid,juiced 2, and the orange box what games should I pick up that are online play and at the same time are non stop addicting fun games? if I dont find a local buyer for the wii it will be for sale soon
  5. Off-Topic
    Mine is Harlowe add mee
  6. Off-Topic
    wanted to see if anyone has ps3 online and plays COD4
  7. Off-Topic
    If so my psnid: shellshock83 hit me up and we could get some games going. so far: shellshock833 ths77lax eurtune AK1RA-0 novice112
  8. Off-Topic
    Any fellow PS3 users post up your username so I can add you to my friends list. Mine is Hotfirecivic04.
  9. Off-Topic
    n if so what games n wuts ur screenname? :D i play resistance woot, need for speed carbon n call of duty 3 =P
1-9 of 9 Results