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  1. Suspension
    So I bought an rsx rear sway, but by car doesn't come with one so i dont know how to install it. I've heard you need an adapter kit from progress but I don't want to spend $120 on it, is there any other way to mount it without getting the adapter kit? What exactly does the adapter kit come with...
  2. Suspension
    Hey guys it's time for me to order a set of coil overs. I just have a couple questions about the tein coil overs. The supper street with pillow ball mounts are sick but a little high in price. Are they that much better than the Street advanced damper? Do they both have the same ride height...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    alright my tranns is completely fucked, but now its stuck in gear and i need to move it from the yard. DETAILED STORY: its a 5spd tranny, hasnt been insured in a little over a year. since then it was permitted for maybe 5 days. when it was insured it had a problem with the 5th gear popping...
  4. West
    if you would get a set, which ones would you get? (which one's are stiffer?:dunno:)
  5. Suspension
    Is there any differance? I mean I could understand if you bought just a bar and needed new ones, but progress supplies the hardware.. is it worth it to buy new energy suspension ones?
  6. Canada
    Painted my front lip. Got the paint from a nearby shop in scarborough (thanks to Marc). Its a 90% match. Here are before/after pics. One of my friends is saying that he likes the black better than the silver. What do you think? Before After The colour does not match 100% and if you stare...
  7. Member Builds
    I had a build thread like a year ago at civicforums, but I seemed to have misplaced it. Edit:found it: Edit:here are some old pictures of my car, this was september of 07...
  8. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ok guys as most of you know im doing a K20A2 swap so here is the rundown. I bought a complete 2002 RSX-S for really cheap so im using everything I can from that. Ill have some pics up of my progress pretty soon... 2002 K20A2 Engine 6 Speed Transmission F1 Racing Stg. 2 Clutch F1 10.25 lb...
  9. Members Rides
    this is how she started got cheap shoe then i did Diy BOH and got yellow fogs and i finally couldn't find a fit lip so i got a mugen lip really cheap plans: apexi WSII exhaust coilovers comments are welcome
  10. Members Rides
    Here to show where I've come in less thatn a year. Start: 17" Drag wheels AEM V2 Intake Sound System Now: Yellow JDM Fogs Civic Half Bra 15" Volk TE37's EP3 Seats EP3 Steering wheel with Acura Bag Tein Flex Coilovers Weather Tech Visors Full Custom Exhaust K20A3(on the way) Type R Lip (on...
  11. Suspension any drilling or further mods requireds than just bolting on and how easy is it to install a sway/tie bar and anyone know if i can use that adapter with an rsx rear sway?
  12. Suspension
    Help me out guys, So yesterday I installed the sway bar and after installation I saw that there was no clearance between the sway bar and the GReddy exhaust. The exhaust noise seamed more louder for some reason. So this morning I re-adjusted my endlinks. My passager side endlink was higher than...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    i decided to put together a progress thread for the house i bought in march of 2007 and am getting ready to sell. when i bought the house: put in grass and started building a deck on the front with a porch roof and pergola then painted the house. still working on finishing...
  14. Suspension
    I want to here all the opinion on people who happen to have this, like ride quality after installation, and the difference it made. Thanks for the help fellas.
  15. Members Rides
    i dont think ive ever posted pics of my car here, so here it is Thanks Alpa for the header!
  16. General Talk
    UPDATE! with Pics PAGE 3! Heres my quick Progress of the removing of my Single. I will Def miss it, the burnouts it gave me, getting me to work early with its amzing TQ and other countless times it got me around. Well im going down the K Path now so i got stuff for sale...
  17. Suspension
    ok ok i want to get a new set up on friday but cant decide i no that the progress kt is more exspensive but better in performace but this will only be used for daily driving i want something that will last and i can dumped it stupid low without buttom out and shi......!i heard that gc and koni...
  18. Member Builds
    Note: this is now my progress thread to not make a million threads. mods as of now include: Engine: -Greddy Evo II exhaust -AEM intake Exterior: -Tsunami Front lip -Honda Aero Kit sides -Honda spoiler -VIS carbon fiber hood -De-badge Honda/civic emblems -painted Honda (H)magnesium...
  19. Mechanical Problems
    so.. im trying to get the stock sway out and im on the endlink part.. im trying to get the nut off using a 14 wrench and the allen wrench that stops it from turning , when i realize thats its stripped, very badly.. what am i supposed to do now? :(
1-19 of 29 Results