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  1. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I want to know if its worth it to port and polish the head. If so, would I need any other parts?, thanks
  2. Basic Performance
    Does anyone know off hand what the stock exhaust port size is and also what size they can be openned up to?? Thanks (my car is in storage at me parents house for the winter and I am ordering the parts for my turbo manifold and I need to know what tubing size to order)
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    Baseline: 164whp & 142wtq on 5 PSI with an automatic transmission. W/ PnP Head: 208whp & 211wtq on 5 PSI with an automatic transmission. Net gain: 44whp & 69wtq at the same boost!
1-3 of 3 Results