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  1. Suspension
    So my front control arm bushings are cracked and being to tear. I feel at this point with a set of eibach pro kit springs and 205/50/10 hankook radial tires that to rid my car of understeer that going with stiffer control arm bushings. Question is, how harsh are they, this will be done to my dd(...
  2. Suspension
    here it is, its cold as fuck, literally, cold as fuck... and my fucking polyurethane lca bushings are starting to squeak, does anyone have any recommendations for what lube to use to lower the squeaking. please keep bullshit comments to a minimum
  3. Suspension
    I am looking for polyurethane compliance bushings, it seems its a normal problem with our cars after x amount of years and miles.
  4. Suspension
    just wondering what does it take to install poly bushings in a D17? im going to install the front and rear bushings. thx
  5. Suspension
    Ok, so for those of you who don't know I am wetting myself in excitment because I Just picked up my D-Spec's and my tein HTech's are en route as we speak. Now I am wondering while I am In there , is there anything else I should be installing/replacing. I was looking through Energy...
  6. Suspension
    ok I need to get a rear camber kit. probably going with the Ingalls one but should i go Polyurethane or rubber? what are you guys running? happy with it or no?
1-6 of 6 Results