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  1. Electrical
    I finally decided it was time to do away with CD's this weekend, and installed a new JVC Deck w/ HD Radio, and picked up a 4g MP3 player. I ran the stereo input from the back of the deck up to the trim peice in front of the ebrake. Drilled a hole into the trim peice, and used the dremel to...
  2. Canada
    SPC REAR (RUBBER)ADJUSTABLE CAMBER KITs FOR 7THGEN CIVIC.FRONT IS Eibach 14 mm..$150 for the set. RSX FITMENT ALSO. 2.OEM HONDA CD PLAYER and CD POCKET COMES W/ ANTI Theft code card. $120[/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] 2.CD PLAYER [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] price is negotiable.. 647) 999 9697 or...
  3. Electrical
    For a while now I have wanted to be able to listen to my iPod in my car without having to buy a new head unit - the stocker is good enough for me. Anyway, after a little searching and reading some reviews, I decided to go with the HON98-AUX adapter that plugs into the cd changer port on the back...
  4. Electrical
    Does anybody knows the code for the stock cd player i got the 04 civic ex? i took it out but now want to put it back in.
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Happened this past Saturday in the SC vs. LSU game :smiley-rofl:
  6. Electrical
    so i was just drivin listinin 2 some music and all 4 speakers cut out, subs still work, tested all speaker wires w a tweeter and could barely hear anything, hooked up an old cd player everything worked fine, so i go back to the pioneer that i had in and try hooking my speakers up through the...
  7. Off Topic Lounge Insane.
  8. Electrical
    I want my CD player down there, so my screen can go up top, anybody know how he did it????
1-8 of 8 Results