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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Hello everyone, I'm having a major problem with a reasonable amount of play on the tie rod/strut arm assembly from the driver's side. It started after swapping out the OEM struts for a set of Ksport coilovers. It eventually came down to a tapered insert that was inside the strut arm hole and...
  2. Off-Topic -cliff notes jr is skipping senior year to play ball abroad. will get a shit ton of money for it at 18 is likely to be the number 1 pick in the 2011 draft i think its a smart move.. all these players that are that...
  3. Off-Topic
    Just found this and will try it later today; just thought I'd share. Combat Arms - free to play PC First person shooter game The trailer showed some awesome graphics
  4. Off-Topic
    Im playing right now, Teppichfresser is my xbox live name
  5. Off-Topic
    its like shoalin soccer!
  6. Off-Topic
    well I have played for maybe 6 months just off and on and wanted to know what yall had and your skills since a lot of people on this forum play
  7. Off-Topic
    What is your EXP and Highest Skill if you play Halo 3? Brigadier - (check EXP-564 Highest Skill-46
  8. Videos & Other Media
    So I made a video! haha. It's my first video I've ever made so give me some comments and criticism. Thanks
  9. Off-Topic
    is there anyone in here who plays nitto? the version 2 though. they're currently under beta, but the way it's recreated and everything is so much better than the first version. i've only got a gsr which is the starting car ha. my game name is...
  10. Off-Topic
    n if so what games n wuts ur screenname? :D i play resistance woot, need for speed carbon n call of duty 3 =P
1-10 of 10 Results