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  1. Off Topic Lounge I bet the owner is so pissed
  2. West
    Sup Everyone in Nor Cal Crew that this may concern I was gonna see maybe for all car meets and shows what so ever we get the jdm license plate on it so people will not know our real License plate number so for everyone's safety and also will see a good look added to out sweaters we go to rep...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Once winter is up and the roads are worthy again im going to re-insure my car and possibly want to get a custom Plate, but i dunno what to get. Any Suggestions? My ideas so far are: EM2 7thGen XLR8 Red Dragon ( My car is red) :P
  4. General Talk
    I just ordered this plate WOOT get yours I was gonna get TARGET or GUILTY but that would be a bad idea lol
  5. Suspension
    need so help everyone i am going to change out my megan coilovers to a new setup and i have one problem i am going with the koni yellows with the ground control sleeves which well be a hell of better setup for my civic when it comes down to auto-x. the help that i need is the fact that GC does...
  6. General Talk
    I have been thinking of different vanity plates. Not sure what i should do. Lets hear some people's ideas! Thought of... 1. FUN-EM2 2. JDM-POS 3. VEE-TAK 4. D17-FTL 5. CLN-EM2 6. 2SLO-4U
  7. General Talk
    hello in the 03-05's, do you guys know what the second switch block plate next to the one for the fog light switch is for?
1-7 of 7 Results