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  1. General Talk
    i am looking to find a piece to purchase for my 2005 civic ex coupe... here's a picture.... send me a link if you know where i can purchase it.
  2. Mechanical Problems
    have anybody have thier engine light pop up for the o2 sensor when u installed the header?
  3. Members Rides
    Notice those projector fogs(even though you cant really see em too well)---theyre maxima fogs runnin 3000k hid's. The output is a jillion times better than ebays. Right now theyre in the stock fog light housing until I figure out something else. If I keep this setup, Im gonna switch to a...
  4. General Talk
    Sorry in advance to Matt V for hijacking your pic.but it was the best pic. i could find in a quick search to use as an example The little plastic piece pointed to in the picture, i cut out a long time ago to have a make shift cold air tube leading to my ram air in hopes of bringing a lil more...
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Anybody know how much Work Meister 2 piece rims weigh? I've googled it many times, but I can't find the weight of these. I'm trying to find the weight of the 16 x 7 rims. I also be interested in a 15 x 7 as well.
  6. Off Topic Lounge :bowrofl:
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    I got a few days ago. Its UDMA CF card reader. So I did a test of how fast it would download images today. 7 raw images (77.2 mb) in 7 seconds. A lot faster than my camera can do it for sure. I got it off ebay, so who knows how long it'll last.
  8. Basic Performance
    Just got my Megan Racing Header about 15 minutes ago and was looking at parts. Can someone tell me what the hell this is for. It looks like it goes on the bottom of the header Front: Back
  9. Members Rides
    just wondering if anyone tinted the orange piece and put it all back, not the actual chrome insert. i had some spray tint so i gonna try and see how it looks. i wanna try and get it to look smoked like the jdm tails.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    So far my first shot at Tetris, I got the top score! Whos gonna challenge me?
1-10 of 10 Results