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  1. Introduce Yourself
    whast up fellaz...i used to be a 7thgencivic owner 2002 ex turboed show car.. but, i sold the car a year and a half ago and i got my self an s2000...i will post up my new ride i got last year....=)...anyways...just signed up to show some love on my old pples from the 7thgen site...... i know i...
  2. Photography and Photoshop
    Could someone photoshop a picture of mine? I want to see how the 15 spoke Special Edition rims look when they are gold, bronze, and black (nottoo glossy). not my car but whatever please/thank you
  3. Members Rides
  4. Members Rides
    Cleaned the car cuz i hit a cat this weekend (didnt die) so dont get me PETA and i had fur in the lower the pics O ya idk if anyone noticed but no more gap FTW!!! Daily drivin for the LOSS tho :wtc: Here's the best shot ive gotten so far with a good sunset
  5. Stonecutters
    here's my favorites from yesterdays shoot.
  6. Members Rides
    so i just got my sides on, here is a little cellphone pic until i get my front lip painted and throw my summer wheels on, should have some professional pics up by next sunday.
  7. South
    So i was driving home today from work and decided to shoot this quick vid. Damn today sux!!1 note: The reason why my wipers look like "floppy dildos" is becasue of the lag from my cell phone video v9hfmVjD4Eo
  8. Members Rides
    here are some pictures of my car. hope you like :tup: props to Nevis Granum for the pics.
  9. Members Rides
    anyone have a pic of an LX/DX map lights? I wanna add it to my current honda. I remember the one on my old ES1 was bright as hell
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    AWWWW :tear: lulz
  11. Members Rides
    getting shipped as i type this =]
  12. Members Rides
    Thought I'd make a thread showing the first pic(s) of your car, along with the newest one(s) just to show how far it's come!! I'll get things started.. Crazy 4x4 w/ my uber played out rims.. The other weekend:D
  13. Stonecutters
    Well I have read that some one you guys dont know what is going on with my car..So here are all the parts i have for the motor build. feeel free to ask question. enjoy!
  14. Member Builds
    I guess it's time to start one of these since i'm moving on with my K20 swap. This will be a slow build as parts will be bought when funds become available. Parts needed: -K20A2 Complete Changeover (Received: 03/30/09) -EP3/DC5 Subframe (Received: 12/26/08) -Hasport Mounts (Received: 04/06/09)...
  15. Members Rides
    So im thinkin i might pick up some gsr fat fives for some backup rims but i havent really seen any pics of them on a 7thgen. anybody have pics? preferably on a black em2! i searched a few forums but either no results or pics were no good any more
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    My Little Coconut (brown on the outside and white on the inside) Vanika (Van-nick-ah) born 9/26/04 caught her at a good time lol WIFE AND KID (SHE IS LATINA NOT FILIPINA) 3rd b-day and pissed i pop her face in the cake at universalstudios Hollywood...
  17. Events
    i had a blast. it was nice meeting all of you guys. i didnt take that many pics but i took enough.... enjoy
  18. Members Rides
    So i finally got a day off yesterday so i decided to black out my headlights. And today it was sunny so i washed my car and took tons of pics enjoy :eusa_boohoo: Before the BOH
  19. Other Cars
    its been a while sence I last posted pic of my 1993 accord wagon but heres some pics of it. whats new? well... 1.OBD2 h22 2.H22 M/T 3.Lexus yellow projector fogs 4.93 special edition rims 5.tan interior with tan leather 6.dual airbag dash
1-19 of 33 Results