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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    Can somebody photo shop Type R front lip on my car? And if you could paint my mirrors/door handles white :) If its not too much to ask, i wanna see the lip in Tafetta White, and Black. Also, if you could leave a pair of pics of my car dropped, and a pair as it is right now height-wise. THX...
  2. Photography and Photoshop
    Could someone photoshop a picture of mine? I want to see how the 15 spoke Special Edition rims look when they are gold, bronze, and black (nottoo glossy). not my car but whatever please/thank you
  3. Photography and Photoshop
    can yo photo shop these rims onto there. If you have any other suggestions of rims that would look good with my color of my car let me know. Thanks in advance
  4. Photography and Photoshop
    I was wondering if someone who is skilled at the art of photoshop could do me a couple color changes... I want to see what my house would look like with a few different trim colors, instead of the yucky brown. Colors. Light green Light blue Light yellow Cream Light pink Tan. Thanks so much...
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    I'm aiming for this once i get done with my k20 swap. im not so sure about the rims. I've heard good things about enkei rims. most of my friend use them and say that there great. but let me know what you guys think about te possible new look for my car. :dance: (of course, by this picture, no...
  6. Photography and Photoshop
    I was wondering if y'all could do be a couple chops of different designs on my front lip. Plaid. Argyle. Polka Dots. Stars. Stripes. Or any other design that you think would look good and unique. Colors I want to include are hot pink (same as wheels) black and white/silver if needed. here are...
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    Looking on changing the color of the car come june and want to get a rough idea on how it will look before i dive into it. First all, im gonna be getting the type a side skirts, so if u can put those on i'd appreciate it. If not, it's fine. Im wanting to do the car in Artic Blue Pearl...
  8. Photography and Photoshop
    Anyone know where i can get a half handy photoshop kinda program for free? Wouldnt be using it enough to buy it like, juz somthing that'l let me mess around with pics like making sig's and stuff like that.. wont be doin anything mind boggling!!
  9. Photography and Photoshop
    could someone change the color of the rims and teg to white
  10. Photography and Photoshop
    hey everyone, here are some pictures of my car. i wanna see what all ppl can photoshop to my car, wat u think it would look good as, stuff on it.. i know its "rice" i just wanna see wat al u can do...
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    So i was thinkin of painting my 05 ex fat five rims because of lots of curbish.. so i was wondering how would it look if i were to paint the inserts red and the flat front black.. could someone please photoshop it for me... i would greatly appreciate it.. thank you heres a pic of it half ass...
  12. Photography and Photoshop
    after doing quite a few wheel chops I figured it would only be logical to make a thread devoted to wheel chopping and other misc things chopped on your car. post your car and the wheel you want done. no need to bump the thread just repost your pics if they are a few pages back. :tup: im on...
  13. Photography and Photoshop
    ive been diggin these rims for 500 bucks w/tires its a sick deal so could some one please potoshop them to my car just to take a peak to what they look like thanks rims: konig bumps 17's lol at my ricer sticker its not there anymore
  14. Photography and Photoshop
    Can someone please photoshop a few things onto my car for me. I'd like a black hood, and black mesh grill. Rep will be given to whoever does this for me. Thanks guys.
  15. Photography and Photoshop
    can someone photoshop the coupe rear to the sedan and sedan rear to the coupe? i remember someone doing this before and it looked good. maybe someone with awesome skills do this again? thanks.
  16. Photography and Photoshop
    Could someone please photoshop my car Anthracite Grey Metalic. off of an Acura TL. and also paint the wheels White, Black, and AGM. Just wanna see what each will look like. it looks darker on the hatch but its hte same color. Here is the car: I dont have any good pictures withthe OEM...
  17. Photography and Photoshop
    These wheels:::: on this car, sorry about weird angle, please do it best you can:::::: There we go!!! Thanks
  18. Photography and Photoshop
    I would like to get someone to photoshop the color of my car. From, Blue, to Jade Green, Lambo Orange or The Acura RSX Type-S Orange found on the '06. Here are some pics of my car, if you need anything else let me know(Givin' you a Variety): Stock Pic: Modded Pics: **NOTE**: Please...
  19. Photography and Photoshop
    i just wanted to see if would even be possible for someone to photoshop some white oem sides on my car and a black/cf front lip (preferably mugen front) since i am about to make the purchase. thanks in advance :tup:
1-19 of 35 Results