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  1. Members Rides
    Pics from our last minute photoshoot!
  2. Members Rides
    As you can see im no photographer, and i have a shitty camera. I tried my best to take pics but i have no luck. Anyways here are the pics. Probaly one of the most different sedan on any 7thgen that ive seen. More people will hate it, some will like it. Otherwise enjoy!:tup2: EP3 Shift Knob...
  3. General Talk
    Me and some of the people from a local forum i am a part of decided to have a get together and mini photoshoot this last sunday it was a blast and i just figured i would share some of the pictures that were taken with you! Some of you Texans may know this guy and possibly some of the other...
  4. Members Rides
    So I was my car yesterday, so it was nice and clean for our local meet. Today, was nice and hot, no signs of rain. So I decide to do a little photoshoot with my new camera. For all the photographers out there, no post processing, shot in jpeg, and just resized.
  5. Members Rides
    Adrian, Anthony and I :tup:
  6. Members Rides
    Pictures were shot by my friend Vincent. I will post more up as he edits them.
  7. Members Rides
    After finding nothing but ricer 7th gens (:ricer:) in my area I decided to look elsewhere and found several nice cars. So we did a photoshoot! Comments welcome...
  8. Mid Atlantic
    ok this is my first time doing this.... if you want to get some shoot done by me and dont mind driving to where i am, post here or PM me. i will make a thread in photography section each car i shoot.... one thing you should know is that i dont whore out the car unless its like complete show...
  9. Members Rides
    was driving home from work and saw an empty road. drove to check it out and found out to be a nice spot to take some shots. the only thing i dont like is that i mounted the truck rack to high so the bike looks angled. well enjoy.... P.S. my bike rack is NOT for looks. i...
  10. Members Rides
    Honda Rules And I Had A Little Shoot Today...Enjoy :ricer:
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    Here is our quick Photoshoot......
  12. Members Rides
    I did a personal photoshoot for Mitch the weekend of Spring Break and this is how they turned out. Thanks to other members GF's for taking the rolling shots. -Matt
  13. Photography and Photoshop
    Beautiful day on sunday so me and some friends got together for some pics! Im still sorta new to this so let me know what you think! and before anybody ask about the primer spots on the mazda are from dents that have been taken out and just primered over!
  14. Members Rides
    So I pulled over on my way home to pick up some golf balls, because I live down the street from the campus course and I began to pick up a few stragglers. I realized that the sun was setting, and I had a nice and clean car. I decided to take a few pics. I did a little more editing than I usually...
  15. Members Rides
    I have alot more but these are the highlights of my photoshoot;)
  16. Members Rides
    so i took a mini shoot since i washed the car today. i need to find some good spots to take some pics though. all comments are welcome, i know some of you are not gunna like my rims.
  17. Members Rides
    Since last summer I have installed a carbon fiber hood, new wheels and tires, did a gauge cluster swap and a big brake kit. Finally after the random person parked in my driveway moved their car I was able to wash it and clay bar it! I decided to do a little photoshoot. Also some pics from the...
  18. Members Rides
    Took these on my way home from the local Auto-X event the other day and I just got around to uploading them. My headlight decided to fog up that day for no apparent reason, hasn't done it since. My car is nearly finished, just a few small things I want to do and I'm all set. It...
  19. Members Rides
    i just got back from a little drive.. playing with my gf's cannon xsi enjoy...or not
1-20 of 74 Results