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  1. Photography Contest
    Thanks to all those who submitted. This is by far the most participated photo contest so far on this website. Lets keep the spirit going and those cameras snapping. Everyone should submit their votes on this thread. Every individual is restricted to only one vote. Voting will be stopped on...
  2. Photography Contest
    This Contest is Brought to you by: ***Genuine Leather Shift Boots for your Honda Civic! Winner of the contest gets a FREE Shift Boot!!!*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Nature...
  3. Photography and Photoshop
    first set i recently purchased a cannon xsi, so i figure i'd start a thread to record my progress. i'll post random pics i've taken as i go along. feel free to comment and advise. enjoy... vans guava drop
  4. Photography Contest
    Subject: Hello Spring! Now that the Weather is cleared up, take a picture that reminds you of Spring! Rules as follows: 1) Contest is open to all members & moderators of 7thgenhonda. 2) Only one entry is allowed per participant. 3) Once the entry has been submitted no resubmits will...
  5. Photography Contest
    Congratulations to Miss Suzy Q ONCE again!!! You will be awarded with a Gift Certificate to Dezod Motorsports, details will be handled through Private Messaging. Chris, give her another Award!! :tup:
  6. Photography Contest
    Sorry for being late, but deal with it... bishes. Poll Closes Sunday June 15th, winner will be announced on that following Monday. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Good luck peeps!
  7. Photography Contest
    Kevin was whining, so i had to make this thread for him. Chris, he's also whining about his medal thing. 2) EMII - "They see me Rollin" Congrats though, props to everyone who entered!
  8. Photography Contest
    Well, we had a crazy comeback and it ended up as a tie... fucking awesome. Poll will end Wednesday April 30th... Winner will be announced the same day! Good luck! :popcorn: 1)sk8erelemnts - "NateSK8" 2) EMII - "They see me Rollin"
  9. Photography Contest
    Great pics guys! Thanks for the submissions... A lot of variety here which is awesome! Onto the voting. 1) Drew22Mader 2) EMII 3) ES1sn2beDC5R - "Water in Motion" 4) Wngman200 5) sk8erelemnts - "NateSK8" Thanks again guys, Good luck! Voting ends Sunday, April 27th... The...
  10. Photography Contest
    Winner by cheating... Suzy Q: You have to give me a week or so for your prize... Since you're gay and don't own a 7thgen, i can't give you the Super Secret Prize.
  11. Photography Contest
    Alright... we have more submissions this time, still not as many as i thought we would. Wngman200, the winner of the last contest who PICKED this topic couldn't even enter... Oh well, onto the voting. 1) green01civic4d 2) Canadian Si 3) Suzy Q 4) Mugenman 5) Kcsays 6) Carvers...
  12. Photography Contest
    Thanks again everyone who entered :P. Wngman200 takes it by 3 votes with Reflections of a Sleeper. Ryan, feel free to start up your contest in this section.
  13. Photography Contest
    3 entries every time or what? lol Anyway, lets get to the voting. Thanks for the submissions guys. Wngman200 Reflections of a Sleeper ES1sn2beDC5R The Winter Pond Sk8erelemnts Reflect Close Objects
  14. Photography Contest
    Thanks everyone who entered. Congrats to silv3rciv for 1st. Christmas Downtown PM me with next topic when you're ready.
  15. Photography Contest
    3 entries again :[. Oh well, vote up! silv3rciv Christmas Downtown ES1sn2beDC5R Christmas Lights Along The Street banzaisteve Colors Everywhere
  16. Photography Contest
    Nice entries. Congrats to Wngman200. Wngman200 When the Sun Goes Down (song by Kenny Chesney) Whenever you're ready, PM me the subject for next contest. Congrats again.
  17. Photography Contest
    Nice entries this time around again. Vote on n00bl3ts. Wngman200 When the Sun Goes Down (song by Kenny Chesney) sk8erelemnts What the Fogger Spoken - A Breath in the Fog scrimp Crash Test Dummies - MmMmMmM
  18. Photography Contest
    Congratulations to Banzaisteve for winning this months photo contest: Up Up and Away You're Medal is in the mail :police:
  19. Photography Contest
    Will probably be the last one. Vote on :P. ES1sn2beDC5R 4th Street Suzy Q NoLa banzaisteve Up Up and Away!
  20. Photography Contest
    Congrats to honda10secivic for taking 1st with 8 votes Photo entered Beer Pong, Volleyball, and The ES1 Prize: You get to choose the next subject for photography contest(pm me the subject). Also, Chris said he might be able to put something next to your name, so I will talk to him about that.
1-20 of 24 Results