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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    DISCLAIMER for Steve and Karissa: We (Me, Chris and Josh) did this for fun... don't take offense to it guys. ***I guess you have to Register because i made it PG-13... It literally takes seconds to register because you don't have to go through the "Activation" process... So sign up!***...
  2. Canada hi guys, one of my tsx buddy send me this link.. is in GTA.. i am not really sure waht happen to this guy.. i try to read 23 pages.. is so dam long.. plz support them.. don't buy parts form this guy.. there is pic and...
  3. South
    We're parting out an old civic, 93-95 to help an old lady with money, she got screwed over into buying this car for her grand daughters now ex husband who left it there to sit, he left her oweing 1600 dollars on the car, so we thought we could part it out to help her get some of it paid off. The...
  4. Mid West
    I have a Short Ram Injen Intake w/ a custom second piping attachment to make a cold air intake. ( SHORT RAM ( COLD AIR [heat wrapped, but may be...
  5. South
    Ok guys, so the time has come to part with the civic. It is going to be a slow process, as I am not needing to part out like in a week or so. I am just taking the necessary steps towards attaining a stock em2 so I can sell this hoe. Whats up for grabs: Looking for a Rallye Red civic to...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Juz said id start this cos im lookin for the part number for an oil filter and i cant find it!! Im lookin for a Mann part number if possible cos thats what the local Motor Factors deal in and if i tell them im lookin for an oil filter for a 02 1.7 vtec civic they will shit themselves and ill be...
  7. Basic Performance
    What is this part (red circle)? What it does? What if I install my cylinder head without this part? y8 cylinder head... Please some thech info, not just "without this vtec don't function" or something like that
  8. General Talk
    exterior window trim piece, its where the window meets the door.....its peeling and showing metal underneath lol....i think its part i right?
  9. Suspension
    i slid in the snow and hit the curb with the rear right wheel and now it's bent. Can you tell me what this part is called? and if i need to replace anything else? thanks.
  10. South
    Everyone has been asking about another get together and it seems like the DFW area is the next choice. It will be on April 25th in Dallas, and April 26th in Bedford. First Day Date: Saturday April 25th, 2009. 2:00PM Place: BenCronin's House 2616 Hudson Crossing, McKinney TX We will be meeting...
  11. General Talk
    check out this pic. im just wondering what part of the exhaust this is minus the muffler. what are the other 2 pieces. resonator?? lil help
  12. West
    hey, in case you missed my marketplace thread i've got a bunch of parts i'm looking to rid myself of. looking for pick up in south san jose. please pm, email, im me and we can negotiate the price, terms, etc. from there. thanks mugen front lip rs side skirts rs rear lip blacked out headlights...
  13. Members Rides
    +/- comments plz thanks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  14. General Talk
    .... Ok so I have the ENTIRE INTERIOR of my car in my bedroom (except the dashboard, but including center radio counsoule and air vent).... I want to get rid of ALL THE GREY, plus touch up what I had painted red previously...... my question is "What do you guys think should go red, and what...
  15. Members Rides
    MFactory Oil Catch Can
  16. General Talk
    what is this part called and what does it do (circled in red)
  17. General Talk Ha, if I had the $ or the willingness to buy this I would. Thought maybe someone on here would want this. Wagner :smoke3:
  18. Members Rides
    We decided to take a photoshoot yesterday. Nice weather, clean cars, free time, so what the hell. Bitch ass Ravi had his I<3myEM2 shirt...I need to get me one of those. The rides are pretty much the same except minor changes. Ravi had his eyelids done and I got a brand new front bumper. His lids...
  19. General Talk Be Part of the Skunk2 Life: The Skunk2 Video Bounty Program Skunk2 is proud to be an industry innovator by announcing the Skunk2 Video Bounty Program! Skunk2 wants your video showing how being part of the Skunk2 life isn't always only...
  20. General Talk
    I had about 30 different links in my favorites for random civic car parts, but firefox deleted them all today. So can anyone tell me any good stores they get their parts from? Thanks :wave:
1-20 of 30 Results