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  1. Detailing
    I will be getting a new bumper with a lip on it. It is in need of a paint strip and a new color. Can anyone recomend a place to purchase everything and the materials needed. FYI: I am painting it Satin Silver NH-623M. Thanks :tup:
  2. General Talk
    I was wondering if anybody has tried to color match paint their front Lip in Taffeta White. I am really strapped for cash so i was wondering what my options were? I cant seem to find taffeta white paint.
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    before... after... and since there is no diy that i found im gonna make one below..... Supplies 2-3 can of wheel paint or whatever paint you want. 1 can of primer or adhesion promoter painters tape paper playing cards 1. you want to clean your wheels prep work is important. i washed my...
  4. General Talk
    I was wondering if anyone does some home automotive painting? Because I want to do some spraying in my garage this summer, and plus I know alot of friends who always need stuff painted and etc. What would anyone recommend for painting stuff at home? Type of decent spray gun and compressor for...
  5. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Ok so after numerous attempts to sell my te37's for over a month, I've given up. I was going to trade them for some black and red BBS wheels, but I really don't want to do the black and red theme. The wheels right now are a gun metal color and the car is NHPB. So lets here your thoughts. I...
  6. Members Rides
    so today i thought it would a great idea to change out all my hyper white bulbs on my headlights to amber. to do this the easiest way without trying to shove my big hands into my engine bay between every component in the car i took off my front bumper and pulled the head lights. so its like 49...
  7. Canada
    Hey guys, new member here! I'm currently driving a Magnesium Grey 2005 Civic Sedan SE edition. I've been contemplating on getting the door handles and side moldings painted to match the car. I'm looking for a place that can paint them at a good affordable price but at the same time maintain...
  8. General Talk
    i repainted my rims once again.. and they still came out the same... rough and uneven. i did the common steps: sand, primer, then sand any uneven areas, then paint BUT even though i used the light coating left to right even motion, its still so uneven. when i wait between coats for the right...
  9. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I got some Rays lugs and would like to not go through the horror of purchasing outrageously priced lugs again. They are red, and they are fading. Can i paint them? and how? would my best bet be to powder coat them, or DIY?
  10. General Talk
    ok so heres what I got. I got the cleaning supplys to help with painting my brown parts to black... I need instructions I want to use dye and paint to fix the ugo door and dash....soo what should I use. I need it to have it not chip off and flake easy and I really want to clean it often... I...
  11. General Talk
    What should I paint. I want to paint the normal stuff (around a/c vents, head unit, a few other things). What should I use? Where could I get some good paint?
  12. Exterior
    this is my first DIY so sorry if its bad -_- 1. Your gonna need rims paint of your desired color. I got bronze to match my SSM. I got 3 of these cans, one is the color, 2 is the primer (black) and 3 is the clear coat. PURCHASED : AUTOZONE 2. Next you'll need sand paper to sand down all the...
  13. General Talk
    im Re-Painting my rims this weekend. recently i made them black with a red lip. The thing is.. it doesnt match my car ! so i need a vote. Black with Blue lip ? or Bronze all over ? SATIN SILVER CAR. I WILL POST DIY ON SATURDAY !!! =D
  14. Other
    Hello everyone! I first posted this on a few weeks ago, and I thought some of you guys might like it. Feel free to ask any questions and PM me. So I decided I wanted to dress up my engine a little. I've seen this done on several EM2s but never seen and DIYs for it. So I'm here...
  15. General Talk
    I got my lip from ABS dynamics today and the fucker is white...thought itd be black but oh well. Im going to paint it, should i primer then paint the lip or just paint it first. Im assuming primer since its plastic and the primer will make the adhesion better. I dont want to get it...
1-15 of 15 Results