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  1. General Talk
    Does anyone know if it's possible to black out the tail lights like you can do to the headlights? I know you can paint the exterior, but I'm curious as to if it's possible to take the tail light apart and black out the inside of it if it has any chrome housing as the headlights do. :dunno:
  2. Members Rides
    ANOTHER EDIT: i just finished rear disk swap on my car. took 4hrs, 12pack, 20bag to finish if it werent for the beer and weed probably would have finished in 2hrs Before: After oh ya, anyone who did a rear disk swap...... i had a hell of a time with the driver ebrake cable...
  3. Photography and Photoshop
    I was wondering if y'all could do be a couple chops of different designs on my front lip. Plaid. Argyle. Polka Dots. Stars. Stripes. Or any other design that you think would look good and unique. Colors I want to include are hot pink (same as wheels) black and white/silver if needed. here are...
  4. Members Rides
    before midway after will get more pics during the day.
  5. Members Rides
    so i just got my sides on, here is a little cellphone pic until i get my front lip painted and throw my summer wheels on, should have some professional pics up by next sunday.
  6. Members Rides
    I know i seen a thread here a few weeks ago with the dude that painted his si's black with a red lip. Ive searched for hours, and cant find it. anyone know where/who it is?
  7. General Talk
    What do you guys think? The letters are taped off, so they will be black, along with the 2 plastic screws. (Finished product minus the clear coat, that will go on in a bit, i just had to see what it looked like xD)
  8. Photography and Photoshop
    I would like to have someone photoshop my rims, gunmetal, or a flat black color. Thanks.
  9. Member Builds
    Well, I figured everyone else had a thread but me. So I felt entitled to make one. I havn't really posted my Civic up much, so I figured I would, and list some of mods to come for 2009. With being in college and all, money is tight, so it's slow but surely. Here's my 2001 Civic LX, as is...
  10. Members Rides
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! So I painted my winter rims. ORANGE! in the theme of halloween. Here's the pics lol I also removed my lip for winter too. I like them. when I painted them I was like... oh boy WTF did I do. But they aren't that bad. They kinda match my turn signals :P Haters GTFO :wave...
  11. General Talk
    How do I paint my mirrors to SSM? Paint the stock ones? And if so, I've never painted before, so how would that be like: with paint supplies, prep work and all. Any sites for paint? Thanks PS: Door handles painted same way?
  12. Members Rides
    well i did the 2 rear wheels a couple weeks ago and they turned out alright....i had time to do the front 2 lastnight, but did them a bit different. i was going for a more red at first so for the front 2 i added a lip. i was coming home from work at paoli peaks today and somehow one of my tires...
  13. General Talk
  14. Members Rides
    I know i have seen people with painted door handles. I just dont know where to get them. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Also, I wanna get color matched hood and trunk trim. I have found the hood trim but I can't find the trunk. Can someone help me with that please.
  15. Members Rides
    Im starting to not like my cars looks more and more each day. The fart can bothers me the most at this moment. The no tint factor sucks balls too. I had 5 % but got a ticket for it recently. Anyway heres where she stands currently. Im haulting the exterior for now and moving to Forced Induction...
1-15 of 15 Results