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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    Well My project is on hold for right now. I am working on a lot of other things. I am still thinkning about paint i saw a car that had from where the Mirrors are up painted black. I will try to find that car if i can. Can someone please paint that. Leave the bottom half silver and paint form the...
  2. Detailing
    i was thinking. after i get my new front end. I'm prob going to leave it primer till i get some extra cash... orrr what if. i make a makeshift paint booth. i have a 2 car garage at my other house. and i can put one of those clear tarps up staple it to the top rafters and drape them...
  3. Detailing
    i messed up on my rear lip bumper this morning and i wanna start over it used to be black now its white primer and i also used the silver paint i cant used the strongest paint remover or else it will melt my damn lip soo what do u use my lip is sitting out side drying i hope i can dry up the...
  4. General Talk
    What do you guys think of painting door handles with color match spray paint?? Do u guys think it will look good??
  5. Detailing
    anyone know how to properly use touch up paint? i have a small rock chip on my hood thats starting to bug me and i dont want it to rust.. i can do it, but i use the credit card method, but i dont wanna mess up the hood with my kindergarten coloring skills
  6. Detailing
    How do I remove "what I think is" paint overspray? I have a few small patches I'd like to have removed. Also, how long is too long to remove it. It only recently got on my car. The car is black by the way. Thanks
  7. Members Rides
    ok so almost done saving up to get the body work done on my car and i wana keep it black but i was thinking of having red flakes instead of blue thats in the nhbp stock paint. so i was wondering if u guys know of any cars or color samples of black with red flake in the paint? thanks
  8. Detailing
    I have chips in the paint on the front of my car. I know this is pretty common but with a black car it really stands out. Is there anything out there that can do or put on to reduce the visibility of these scratches? (aside from painting front bumper). [-o<
  9. Members Rides
    Ok well I finally got my rims back from the paint shop. Here are some pics. They are not quite the color I was looking for but w/e I guess, I dident give the guy a color code so he just did like half gold have bronze I guess.. Also I put a few pics or my motor and the new koyo radiator.. :) Tell...
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    do you think it'll look good if i painted my ex fat fives black?? i've been thinking about it a lot lately but never was sure if it would look good. i was thinking about doing it after i get my drop. id leave my center caps silver though. it's been bugging me a lot on whether i should do it or...
  11. Members Rides
    Well when i traded rims the kid told me they are gold under all the paint. So today I went and got paint remover and took off a coat or black, then red, then another black. Now they are back to the gold. Here are some pics. Only thing that sucks is some of the gold came off but Im gunna have...
  12. General Talk
    Does anyone know the paint code for Magnesium Metallic?
41-52 of 52 Results